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Resistance and Oppression in its Many Forms

From the open publishing newswire:
Upcoming Forums
Measure 27 - GMO Foods events - Eugene
TUESDAY, October 15th - Opposition is building from Corporate agribusiness interests and Corporate food manufacturers. U of O students are planning events to educate the public about this important measure. [ Full Story ]

PPS Student Action Coalition Meets Tuesday
Tuesday, Oct. 15: The Portland Public Schools Student Activist Coalition is meeting in the Red and Black cafe on about SE 22nd and Division at 5:00. Any high school or public college students are welcome to attend. [ Full Story ]

Tuesday, October 15, 2002: University of Oregon - Discussion of strategic threat,Oil Resources and Foreign Policy, Geopolitical Consequences of War in Iraq,Domestic Impact of War on Terrorism,and Pre-emption and International Law. [ Full Story ]

Forum on Measure 23 Pro & Con
Thursday, October 17th: Confused about what Measure 23 - Healthcare for all Oregon will mean to your life? Come to a town hall meeting and forum moderated by Joanne Bowman. [ Full Story ]

News & Callouts
Central America rising up against FTAA
Check out the news from Central America about today's massive protests against the acronyms from hell: FTAA, PPP, CAFTA. And get ready for the October 31 Radical StreeT Festival against the FTAA. [ Full Story ]

Dockworkers' Struggle & Int'l Solidarity of Labor
In an article in "In These Times", David Moberg discusses why the Dockworkers' contract dispute is of international significance and of interest to anti-globalists. [ Full Story ]

National Bi-Coastal Marches (DC & SF) - October 26th
Two weeks to go to get yourself and anyone and everyone you know to put themselves physically in place at the only national anti-war march announced to date. [ Full Story ]

Tens of thousands pledge: "Not in Our Name"
Tens of thousands said it together on October 6--in dozens of rallies and gatherings across the U.S., on banners and T-shirts, signs and songs, in chants, speeches and a solemn common pledge of resistance. [ Full Story ]

They're in there for us. We're out here for them... [ Full Story ]

From the open publishing newswire:
Bu$h - Cheney Critics are too generous
Iraq crossed western oil corporations 30 years ago, and the oil executives have long memories... [ Full Story ]

Corporate Eco-Terrorists Unpunished! 10,000 died immediately, and up to 20,000 in the 18 years since. Though 40 tons of toxic gases including Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) were released in Bhopal, Dow Chemicals (new owner of Union Carbide) considers the chemical make up of MIC to be a "trade secret" ... [ Full Story ]

Exxon-Mobil Working with Chinese to Build Pipeline Thru Tibet
A friend of mine told me of Exxon-Mobile's plans to build a massive pipeline through Tibet. I found out that through various webnews sites that 5 oil companies spent somewhere around 5 billion dollars on the Chinese government to exploit colonized Tibet... [ Full Story ]