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Stanley Cohen Presentation At PSU

From the open publishing newswire: Stanley Cohen, the lawyer for local spiritual leader, Sheik Kariye [who was recently charged and held without bail for Social Security Card violations], addressed a large gathering on Saturday evening, October 12, 2002 at Portland State University. This was his second presentation, and, though containing some of the material from his first presentation, proved again to be both humorous and inspiring. During this presentation, Cohen gives penetrating and often comical descriptions of the FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA, and other governmental agencies. Besides this, Cohen addresses many of the terms involved in judicial process: search warrents, subpenoas, material witness, secret evidence, and others. The talk lasted 90 minutes or so, but this audio file is from the last 54 minutes, containing the bulk of the new material. [ Full Story ] [ AUDIO ]

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