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Love, Intuition, Zapatismo

Quoted from the newswire: "For too long we have been trapped in a mindset of paranoia, fear and suspicion... No longer is the revolutionary problem how to form connections across regional boundaries, but how to cross the infinitely more troublesome distance which divides us one from another, the distance—which is really not so great—that separates the meeting two eyes locked in a gaze. Where as in past revolutions the problem was the spread of revolutionary ideas, our current problem is the spread of networks of trust."

"There is something that binds us that runs deeper than any ideology that can be articulated. Call it love, call it intuition, call it Zapatismo. Given the proper, radical space of encounter which we are currently proposing, it will become clear to us who has that love, and who does not. None of us need trust anyone else more than we feel comfortable, for to do this would be ignoring our intuition and thus strategic suicide. But when we feel the radical connection of love and rage that unites all revolutionaries, whether we meet in our hometown or the streets of D.C., we must begin to have the courage and passion to trust that which we recognize in others—the same as that which we recognize in ourselves. [ Full Article ]

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