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Rally for the Homeless treesitter in Eugene

From the open publishing newswire:
For 3 days a man known as Traveler has been living in a tree in downtown Eugene to protest the war on Eugene's homeless. He will not come down until Eugene's war on the homeless has ended! Come show your support for the creation of a legal camping area for those without homes in Eugene. [ Full Story ]

PARK BLOCKS at 8th and OAK, downtown Eugene

Comment to the story: The city goverment in Eugene has been reluctant to seriously try and come up with any real solutions to the homeless problem.The city council is claiming that since the city has previously set up homeless camps in the past and experienced difficultys they are not willing to try again.Hopefully this tree-sit occupation will force them to look at the problem,which is growing,and find an acceptable solution.Everybody needs a safe place to sleep.