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Issues Pivotal to Oregon's Health

From the open publishing newswire: I have a passion to provide peace, justice, and equality in the arena of health for ALL the people of Oregon. This passion has been consistently fed through the last few months by the stories that Oregonians told me while I was out stumping for this very important initiative, Measure 23. People who will vote in the next few weeks should know the history of Oregon's struggle for healthcare access and justice. I have a story to tell - with passion I tell it.

I stood in the doorway trying to make eye contact with each person who passed me by. I reached out to the man in front of me and placed a square of paper in his hand. He looked at the paper and then at me. "I see you everywhere", he said. "And, you do this with such passion". "Yes, because I have a long memory of what was before, and what is waiting for us" ... [ Full Story ]

Wedding Preparations Continue for October 30th Day of Action Against GE Foods
From the open publishing newswire: Wednesday, October 30 • 11-1 pm - Bio-suits and giant pupptes await the public as work continues on crafting the perfect "franken-wedding". NW RAGE and supporters will take to the streets around Lloyd center $afeway and illustrated through a wedding the perils of genetically engineered foods. [ Full Story ] [ NW Rage Actions ]

From the open publishing newswire:October 15th is the deadline for you to drastically change oregon. In a few weeks, we can vote to have all genetically modifies foods labeled [Measure 27] - many say this will be the beginning of the end of GMOs. Monsanto is investing 6 million to defeat this. In the same election, we can vote to create a statewide healthcare system [Measure 23] - that means you and everyone you know in Oergon will have health insurance. The insurance mega-corps/companies are investing millions to defeal this. We can beat them-legally!!!
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