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Reed Students Protest GAP

From the open publishing newswire: Friday October the 11th, three speakers came to Reed College to talk about sweatshop labor. The discussion became an open session where free trade, working class struggle, the military-government-corporation alliance, and the possibilities for change were examined. Following the talks about 20-30 people went to the GAP at Pioneer Square to protest the GAP's use of sweatshop labor.

Last spring, everyone at the Gap factory where Hernandez worked was fired in response to their efforts to organize for better wages and treatment. Deisy Hernandez came to Reed College to speak about her experiences there in El Salvador. Since she was blacklisted, Hernandez joined the Global Justice for Garment Workers Campaign tour to educate people about the global sweatshop crisis. She will be accompanied by Marina Sitrin from the Union for Needletrades, Industrial, & Textile Employees, and Molly McGrath, representing United Students Against Sweatshops. This event is sponsored by the Reed Student Peace Action Network. [Full Story...]

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