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Education - The Key to Enlightenment and Evolution

From the open publishing newswire: I spoke with the editor of my college newspaper about covering the Â"Not in Our NameÂ" Rally that was going to be happening in Eugene. Excited about the event, she said that she wanted to make it a top feature, but told me that I must write it in AP format, and tell it from an objective viewpoint.

I considered the proposition, but knowing that there is no objectivity when it comes to attacking Iraq, I declined the assignment. I did however, offer to submit photos and a commentary on the rally.

As it turns out the photo editor was thrilled with one of the photos that I submitted and decided that it should be on the front page, large and very visible, or in newspaper terms, three columns wide. He told me that he wished that he would have been at the protest.

This of course, is my prime motivation for submitting material to the newspaper, to inspire and motivate others so that when they pick up their copy of the Torch this week and see the protest photograph and read my commentary, it will stir in them the desire to get involved. [ Read more... ]