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Stopping the Bush war machine: It Is Now Up to Europe

From the open publishing newswire: Now that the peace movement in the US has failed to mobilize the numbers needed prior to the congressional vote on the Gulf of Tonken resolution of our time, the Iraq oil grab resolution, it is now up to the Europeans to take it to the streets and shut Europe down and force a security council veto from France or Britain. And when I mean shut down, the economy must be ground to a halt.

The chief representative of British Petroleum Tony Blair must be rendered irrelevent by the Labor party and Chirac cornered by the French parliament. To do this Europe must be shut down.

As the Americans are attempting to enforce neo-liberal policies that they left to the IMF and World Bank with military might, we must now lay it all on the line. As I have stated in the recent past this is all about taking control of the strategic oil supply in order to create fortress North America and Europe. The CIA has conclude that the world food and water supply is collapsing as a direct result of global warming and deforestation and the Military and its neo-liberal allies are reacting. If the US controls the oil supply they will be able to bomb the starving brown people into submission while maintaining they draconian control over the brown people's resources. [ Read more... ]