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175+ people take the streets to protest the war at Portland Friday Rally

From the open publishing newswire: At least 175 people showed up for the Friday peace rally in Pioneer Square, giving it the largest attendance in a year. Anti-war sentiment had been stirred up on Thursday and Friday when first the House and then the Senate granted Bush dictatorial powers to wage war against Iraq. The tragic possibilities of such a war are heart-wrenching to imagine, and history will surely view Congress' decision with disdain. The death and suffering wrought upon Iraq by the sanctions of the last 11 years -- on top of the destruction that country suffered in the so-called "Gulf War" -- are already crimes against humanity for which U.S. "leaders" should be tried. Additional attacks of a more intense variety could take thousands -- even millions -- of lives, and affect the population there for generations to come.

That elected representatives in Washington, D.C., received an overwhelming number of calls and emails opposition to this passing of the war-reigns to Bush is cause for additional anger. What options remain when the proper channels have been utilized? Taking the street and stopping business as usual is one. And that's what we did tonight. [ Read more... ]

[ Saturday morning, October 12 at 11:00 am: gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3rd and Madison for a rally and walk through central Portland ]