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State harrassment of Muslims continues: Sheik Kariye released on $250,000 bail

From the open publishing newswire:About 150 people demonstrated outside the bail hearing of Sheik Kariye, who has been imprisoned for several weeks for allegations of social security fraud. The Kariye was originally arrested at the PDX airport, where the FBI said that his luggage showed traces of TNT. Showing no respect for human decency or the facts, the Oregonian splashed these unsubstantiated claims across their front page, throwing fuel on the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment, and helping Portland brownshirts Mayor Katz and Police Chief Kroeker renew the civil liberty-busting Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force. The FBI crime lab eventually reported that further tests showed no traces of TNT and that the airport test had been a false positive, which is apparently fairly common.

Nonetheless, Kariye was kept in prison, with now only allegations of social security fraud. At today's hearing, a judge set his bail at $250,000, a ridiculously high amount for the accusations. It is doubtful that any white person would receive such a penalty. [ Read more... ]