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Congress gives Bush dictatorial war powers; Opposition to war needs to step up

From the open publishing newswire: At 1:30AM, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Senate voted 77 to 23 in favor of granting Bush war powers to make a "preemptive strike" against Iraq whenever he pleases. The House had voted 296 to 133 in favor of the legislation earlier in the week. This in spite of thousands of calls and emails from people across the country in opposition. Senator Byrd, one of the few vocal senators to recognize his constituency, fought to no avail for more debate. These powers can and may be used independently of any U.N. Security Council or General Assembly rulings and even if Iraq complies with inspections.

With this vote, Congress has handed war-making powers to pResident Bush in what history shall surely judge as one of the most undemocratic capitulations to tyranny in U.S. history. A man not elected, who has displayed no respect for human decency or international law, has just been given carte blanche to use the most brutal military machine the world has ever seen a sanction-battered, starving country of demolished infrastructure and poverty. This is a sad, sick day.

We must get out in the streets to oppose this fascism and shout NOT IN OUR NAME! Democracy -- which had long lay twitching on the table -- is now dead. The letters and calls to Congress did not work. It is time for stronger, more direct tactics. [ Discuss ]

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