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A30 Critical Mass Video

8 minute video put together from footage from the previous critical mass
[ Streaming | Download ]

[ Streaming | Download ]

ONE LESS CAR 27.Sep.2002 07:35

just curious

Why is the guy's ONE LESS CAR tattoo blanked out in the video?
See you all there today

yikes 27.Sep.2002 09:31


cause it takes time to figure out all the compression settings to get a good result when streaming

see the video in all its full quality at the indyreal screening on monday

Not a cop-lover but... 27.Sep.2002 11:27


I was frightened watching this video, and not by the cops.

I don't think the cops need to use mace, I don't think they need to harass Critical Mass. That one cop looked like he was looking for a fight, the mace brandisher.

But the rest looked tense and frightened, and I'd be willing to bet he was too. I'd say it would be frightening to be surrounded by a crowd of booing people. These cops were given orders, to arrest people breaking the law. I'm not arguing whether that's a good or safe idea, just, that was their orders. They had to go into this knowing it would be a tense situation. I'm sure they were ordered to make a certain number of arrests.

I don't see what else they could have done, but group around each other as they arrested one person at a time. If you were a peaceful crowd, how would they know that? You were all clanging your bike bells and yelling boo. You were screaming at them as they attempted to carry out their duty without protective gear.

Cops are not pigs, they are people. Not always the best people for the job, and not always given the most humane orders, but they are not the root of the problem. Why direct so much animosity toward them?

Awesome 27.Sep.2002 11:34

Jack Stone

Thank you for posting this video. As a person who has not attended critical mass and has been very interested in the claims of police brutality I now have the conclusive evidence I have been searching for. Those who were being "dealt with" by the police certainly DESERVED the reaction they got from the police. If all the riders behaved in a respectable manner such as those riders that were able to accomplish the ride without incident, you would not have a need for the police to even be there. You are childish martyrs who make false claims of brutality. You provoke, then cry about the consequences. Grow up.

All Things Considered 27.Sep.2002 12:20


If the cops were not hitting people, throwing them to the ground, pepper spraying them, tazering them, and targeting them, the group of bicyclists would not be chanting things like "Let Them Go" and "We're non-violent, How bout you?"

Need another video then 27.Sep.2002 13:10


I did hear "let them go" but not "we're nonviolent". Mostly I heard menacing booing on this video, and individuals screaming at the cops.

If demonstrators want to be seen as anything other than adults still working out their authority complexes from adolescence, the menacing chanting has to go away.

Again, I don't agree with the way protesters were treated, but we all gotta own our own shit, not just the cops.

Calculated edits 27.Sep.2002 13:27

Jack Stone

Another observation that needs to be mentioned; I notice we are presented with footage "in progress". In other words, we NEVER see what these people did prior to being arrested by the police. Why dont you be honest with yourselves and post ALL of the footage onto Indy Media? If you claim that the Police are mistreating you then bring a FAIR representation of the ENTIRE incident. Lets see some video from the beginning instead of only when the police are required to intervene. Got any? Prove it.

jack 27.Sep.2002 13:33


jack, why don't you attend the ride yourself to find out? these people document police brutality and can't simply have their cameras running constantly, especially while riding bikes!

yes, the police are people but they are giving unreasonable "orders" they arrest people for no reason, they intimidate, they are violent to show who's in power. they are taking part of a corrupt system.

if you want to see what's going on, get off your ass and join the ride and see it for yourself. then maybe you would be screaming at them too. it's saddening to have a peaceful demonstration be hampered by police for no reason.

Blech 27.Sep.2002 15:28


Yes, that menacing chanting has to go. Learn this chant instead "We love our police state!"

Yes, work through those authority complexes and learn to be good obedient citizens who do nothing but say yes to authority.


hey jack 27.Sep.2002 16:34

i was there

hey jack, at least two of the people arrested that were shown being arrested were arrested for running red lights, along with 100's of other people running red lights. how do i know that? because i was there. one other person was arrested for knocking over a motorcycle.

Alternate method of viewing video 08.Jul.2006 17:51


Incase you dont use RealPlayer (or dont have it) this video has been reposted on You Tube so it can be streamed without RealNetworks bogging down your computer... the addy is :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POXNUqllvyE#GU5U2spHI_4