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Desert Storm 2: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Its time to ask yourself a question: Whose side are you on- Saddam Hussein's Iraq or America?
Arabs are in a bind. Like everybody else, they know that Saddam is indefensible, and puts the whole Arab world to shame. But to say so out loud seems to be another equally painful way of shaming the whole Arab world. They'd like to be rid of Saddam without anyone noticing. So the press is full of anonymous "senior Arab diplomats" maintaining, "There's no support for regime change," while colleagues are furtively preparing for that very eventuality. Double standards are the order of the day. Jordanian parliamentary deputies, for example, have called on "all Arab countries to move collectively and seriously, and to adopt a united stand to confront any aggression against Iraq and to find ways to bring it out of the ordeal." At the same time, Jordan has allowed American military preparations at the base at Mafraq, and is arranging for cheap American-supplied oil to replace subsidized Iraqi oil.
We are on the side of the Iraqi Nation 26.Sep.2002 22:41

Destroy the American Empire

And any other country who is being threatened by the American Death Machine.

This dichotomy only exists in your mind 26.Sep.2002 23:00


I am on the side of truth. I am on the side of rational thought. I am on the side of goodwill. I refuse to let nationalistic pride stand in the way of my moral responsiblities. I am on the side which believes that we should question authority if we want it to serve its purpose. I am on the side of those which have the power to look at a situation objectively and decide for oneself which course of action is just.

hey lamet vali, 27.Sep.2002 07:30

this thing here

check this story out. you might find it interesting:


i think the title of your little piece, Desert Storm 2: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You, really shows what you think of the whole situation. war to you is just a fun time. as you watch american boms blowing up buildings in bahgdad, as you watch iraqi's being killed, and as you watch caskets draped in american flags being carried off planes, i can imagine you with a big bowl of popcorn and cold one, laughing and having a good ol' time.

because it's not real, right, lamet vali? it's just a big t.v. show for people like you to enjoy.