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Attack Iraq? NO! Bumperstickers available free

Please help me distribute and display this anti-war bumpersticker!
Attack Iraq? NO!   Bumperstickers available free
Attack Iraq? NO! Bumperstickers available free
Your FREE sticker available at:

KBOO Community Radio
20 SE 8th
Portland, OR

3652 SE Division
Portland, OR
Holy Shit I Agree with the Scumbags on This! 26.Sep.2002 22:36

The Lamet Vali

Attack Iraq, NO!



Chickenhawk Killer

Sorry you Chickenhawk bastards, if you want to kill some terrorists, you should start with the American military, CIA, and American government in general.

How about detentonating a Nuke or two on the White House Lawn--or in Tel Aviv near war criminal Ariel Sharon's toilet?

Hey Lamet 26.Sep.2002 22:57


I've rarely come across people who openly advocate the mass murder of children. I remember a current events class in high school in which some teen toughs were saying things similar to stuff you post. One is in jail and another beats his girlfriend.

How did you end up like this? When you were young and your parents were trying to teach you morals (This is a huge assumption, maybe they were heavy drinkers/abusers), did you ever think that you would be saying stuff like this when you were older? Wait, are you in your teen years?

I'm being serious. People who are as aggressive as you (again, this is an assumption. It may be that you are generally a passive, weak person)often have a history of animal abuse. I'm being completely sincere and am not attempting to call you names.

Let me know. Would the younger lamet be completely disgusted with the present day lamet? Do you really think that the U.S. should thousands of children? Would you do it yourself if you could, or do you prefer other people to do you killing?

Please respond.


Military Veterans Would Like Some Stickers! 27.Sep.2002 08:29

Vietnam Veterans Against The War Anti Imperia TheVets@vvawai.org

We would like to get some of those stickers.

Seattle VVAWAI

(206) 374-2215
PO Box 21604 Seattle, WA 98111-3604

Sticker also available from Common Dreams 27.Sep.2002 11:01


This sticker comes from the Common Dreams website (www.commondreams.org.) According to the site, they have distributed 80,000 of them since Aug. 21. They do charge for quantities of them because they have to cover production and shipping costs, but the price is reasonable, $30 for 100 stickers last I checked. If KBOO and Laughing Horse are offering them, that's good, too.

Common Dreams, by the way, is a good site to look into regularly. They have breaking news and a LOT of links.