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Body Shop Renounces Its Own Founder

A politically aware company sells out.
The founder of the (formerly) progressive company Body Shop has practically been blacklisted by the CEO and apparently her fellow boardmembers.

Ms. Roddick wrote a commentary for London Independent on how the world has changed since September 11. In it she lamented the loss of civil liberties in the US.

found here:

The company falls over backwards on its website to distance itself from Ms. Roddick. The statement implies that any American who raises dissent over pResident Bush's policies and the disappearance of civil liberties is not a true American.

found here:  http://www.usa.thebodyshop.com/web/tbsus/news_article.jsp?index=1

In addition to this attack from her own company, Anita Roddick has received hate mail that also misses the point. She realizes she joins a worthy group of people who have also been targetted with hate over their right to dissent. She reports, though, that she's received far more letters of support. Her follow-up article can be found here:


She makes no mention of Body Shop's statement, which makes me wonder if it came out after her own follow-up column.

If you're into writing letters, Body Shop deserves to get a flurry of responses to their unpatriotic and disloyal stand:  usa.info@the-body-shop.com

here's my letter to the company:


I am a member of the American people, and apparently you do not stand behind me, and I find it reprehensible that you as a company do not stand by your patriotic founder, Anita Roddick.

You say on your website:

"The Body Shop International stands full square behind the American people, President Bush, and the U.S. government in their struggle against terrorism."

To be able to speak freely is American. To dissent is American. To defend our civil liberties is American. Anita Roddick has done these actions, and she is a true American. If you support President Bush's attempts to squash free speech and dissent, if you support his Administration's rollback of civil liberties through the Patriot Act, if you support the holding of American citizens without due process or trial, then you are not standing "full square behind the American people."

You say:
"The views expressed by Anita Roddick in the UK Independent newspaper about the USA are her personal views and not those of The Body Shop International."

I find it sad that you feel compelled to make this statement, and it is more sad that you have attempted to blacklist Ms. Roddick just as the Republican right wing has blacklisted any true American that has attempted to remind us of our Constitutional rights and our true freedoms. It is sad that in doing so, you have allowed Osama bin Laden to win, and you are doing it through your own actions, not his.

Heidi Hoogstra
Portland, OR
Hi Heidi 26.Sep.2002 23:23

FVTW pal tduncan@pacifier.com

Thanks for the interesting post. I thought I read that Anita Roddick quit the Body Shop a while back. is she still involved? Have you seen Take It Personally, her book? Outrageous photos, usable information. Take care!

. 27.Sep.2002 00:26


AlterNet reports she's still a board member.

I haven't read it, but looking at her website, wow, what a woman!