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Critical Mass Jail Support 503-230-8360

what more can I say... we could use donations for collect calls.
what more you can say 26.Sep.2002 22:20


You can say what it is you're talking about. A person who got arrested would call this number and, what?

Dig it... 26.Sep.2002 22:59


Works like this: take a black magik marker wright the number on your arm or somewhere and if you get kidnapped by the pigs, call these people for some help. Lawer, support, contacts, and what have you. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone I told you...

If you get arrested... 27.Sep.2002 12:18

some advice from experience

To sdfsf and other Massers:

If you do get arrested, a jail support number (like the one above) is a great thing to have. snaggs is right: A well-run support number will try to hook you up with a lawyer, with transportation out of the jail (for those 2am releases), with bail if neccessary, and so on. It can also help mobilize support for the whole group by publicizing numbers of arrests, arraignment schedules, and jail conditions -- in a much more powerful way than if we were each left with only our individual contacts to call.

That said, you may want to make sure that someone you trust who isn't going to Critical Mass knows important details about your life, in the worst-case scenario that you get jailed (or jailed and injured, or jailed incommunicado, or... you get the picture). This person should be able to feed your cat, call your boss, watch your child, pay your rent, contact your doctor about a medication refill, etc. -- anything that would be absolutely vital if you were suddenly abducted for a week.

That's not to say that folks will really be scooped of the street and held forever at this Critical Mass. Honestly, my guess is that everyone will be pretty safe. But there's absolutely no substitute for good planning and covering your ass.