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Let's Convince Columbia to Pull Out of Union Busting WCWC, Friday, Oct 3, Noon

Support Longshore Workers!!
Action against Columbia Sportswear and the Gap on Friday, Oct 3
Important update on the West Coast Waterfront Coalition
Jobs with Justice Action Against the West Coast Waterfront Coalition

Friday, October 4--Meet at Pioneer Square at 12 Noon

(12 Noon--sharp! We will head out by 12:15pm
--If you are late, find us at the Gap or Columbia Sportswear)

Hey Gap, Columbia Sportswear—stop meddling with the ILWU negotiations!

Join Jobs with Justice to tell the West Coast Waterfront Coalition and their corporate members NO MORE FEDERAL INTERFERENCE IN PRIVATE LABOR NEGOTIATIONS.

The ILWU (International Longshore And Warehouse Union) contract with Pacific Maritime Authority expired on July 1st, and the PMA still hasn't made an acceptable proposal - so the workers are still without a contract. Meanwhile, the Bush administration has been threatening to send in the military to take over their jobs to pre-empt any action on the part of the ILWU - they claim that a strike or slow-down would threaten national security. Additionally, large corporations who use the ports most, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and The Gap, are pushing the federal government to intervene in negotiations.

We are making headway--Nike has already pulled out of the West Coast Waterfront Coalition, and Payless Shoesource and Columbia Sportswear have started talking to us about it.

This contract fight not only affects the thousands of Longshore Union members up and down the West Coast, but also all other contract struggles coming up - reaching working people everywhere.

For more information, call Jobs with Justice: 503-236-5573

phone: phone: 503-236-5573