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Mayor Katz refuses invitation to Critical Mass

Mayor Katz refuses invitation to Critical Mass
Mayor Katz responds:

"Thank you for the invitation to ride with you. I'm declining, but Tommy Brooks from my office will join you on his bike."

Original email invitation:

Mayor Katz and the Portland City Council,

This message is to invite you to attend the upcoming Critical Mass bike ride through downtown Portland. There is no better way to find out if the participants and the police are behaving non-violently. I am not an organizer of Critical Mass, I am a simply a participant who has read police distortions of events. In order to observe the event in its real form, I urge you not to tell the PPB that you are choosing to attend.

To the media: you are also invited to ride along and see for yourself if the tactics of the police are justified.

I can find bikes and helmets for any member of the city council who wants to attend; simply send me an email before Thursday, September 26th.

The ride forms at 5:30, Friday, September 27th, under the west end of the Burnside Bridge.

I look forward to seeing you and your staff there!
Forget the bikes but keep the helmets... 26.Sep.2002 22:54

The Goat

With the end to the baseball season quietly approching it will be nice to still the crack of the bat in Portland night air... of course it won't be the bat and ball, but the sweet sound of an officers night stick against a hippies skull.. oh well I guess we will just have to live with it... he,he,he

Mayor's staff is not safe from cops either 27.Sep.2002 00:11

pepper spray

She's a "Katz-i Nunt"

A member of the mayor's police review commission was pepper sprayed by the cops at the A22 police riot.

Pissed, he screamed, "I'm from the mayor's office and I am filing a complaint!"

The dirty cop sprayed him again. What a dick!