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Chemtrails Dismissed as Conspiracy, Sky Dismissed as Blue

Is the ongoing, rigorously documented chemtrail phenomenom a government conspiracy? So what if it is?
When I look up into the sky above PDX on the eastside I see several distinct lines running more or less parallel to one and other all the way across the horizon. Plenty of reading and some critical thinking of my own tell me that these are not the contrails that my grandfather saw. Those trails only last 20 minutes, under the best of circumstances, according to the latest edition of the Encyclepedia of Climate and Weather. The trails I have been observing today linger hours longer than can be explained by available models of natural airplane-catalysed condensation. So why has my weatherman, the Federal Avaition Administration, the US Air Force, and the State of Oregon failed to clarify to it's undoubtebly inquisitive public just what exactly is causing these particular trails?

One answer is that nothing is out of the ordinary and I have been spending way too much time on the net, that I and many others including elected officials should be placed in a bin labeled "looney, keep clear".

The other answer is that myself, other dedicated researchers and concerned citizens are not mistaken, there is in fact a phenomenological basis for what we are seeing other than naturally occurring condensation and all of the above mentioned institutions are, well, lying.

Can you guess which one is correct?

What I am trying to say is that the long haraunges condemning conspiracies as heretical to the lefty cause have completely dismissed that some documented, actual conpiracies are in fact knowable. As far as I can tell, the chemtrail phenomenon as stated meets the definition of a knowable government conspiracy to deceive the public through disinformation, stonewalling and omission. I do not believe that I have come to this conclusion as a result of faulty or "conspiratorial thinking". I have come to this conclusion after carefully reading the arguments for and against the phenomenom, as well as close, skeptical analysis of the available data and my own perceptions.

For those concerned that any admission of the left that conspiracies exist and are ongoing will suddenly transmute our brains to mush, quiet your fears. Looking at data and precident is the way that leftists have come to the conclusion that: large military budget=predictable, frequent (or continuous) war. The solution is not to stop thinking critcally and start thinking "conspiratorially", the solution is to look at more data from more sources, all the while checking the rigorousness of the sources to make sure you have not gone crazy.

And if the sky is blue, that is exactly what you should call it.