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The Hippies are Taking Over the World

You don't seem to understand- pride is a violation of right--- you don't get to have a society that does not concern itself with the path of maximum happiness.

The hippies are taking over the world- dedicate yourself to truth or go insane, die, and be forgotten.

An 'adult' is only a kid that accepts responsibility for it's environment.

ya ya

love to you,

who is you,
who is a branch of the 4 dimensional infinite fractal singularity that is God,
who is, therefore, God

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wha? 26.Sep.2002 11:21



wha? 26.Sep.2002 11:21



Thats where you are wrong... 26.Sep.2002 13:24


Hippies aren't taking over anything except maybe the minds of an extremely small portion of each generation of idealistic young people who like to get stoned and drop acid. How do I know that you might ask? Well, I grew up as a child on hippie commune here in Oregon in the 70's and I watched as it slowly self destructed because of human nature issues regarding sexual relationships and the pursuit of material possessions.

While there may be a few diehard individuals left who actually live a true "Hippie" lifestyle I would have to say that the majority of people young or old who physically resemble hippies because of their hair style, clothing and/or mannerisms are actually hypocrites who maintain a true capitalist consumer lifestyle.

However, this isn't nessecarilly a bad thing if you want to survive. I'm just pointing out the fact that in order to live you have to find a job. Then, you have to use mass transportation or drive a car to get to work and that burns fossil fuels which in turn makes pollution and supports the Muslim Dictators who sell the oil. Then you have to eat so you go to the market and you buy food which of course contributes to a whole host of other problems like low wages for Hispanic field workers and then the fact that your turds are floating down the Willamette River everytime it rains.

I would challenge anyone who reads this and truly believes that they are a hippie to go out in the woods, start your own commune and try to get along with a small group of people for 10 years while growing and gathering all of your own food. The funniest thing is that Frank Zappa realized how foolish these ideas were and wrote a myriad of songs that parodied them...

What? 26.Sep.2002 14:42


Hippies are not necessarily defined by an agrarian/communal lifestyle. You can be a hippie based upon your political activism. There are many of us who survived the 60's with a functioning brain and who do not drive monster SUV's and do not have power in the corporate world. We have been working from within for years and are making changes. There were a lot of pseudo-hippies back in the 60's, that is they were mostly in it because of personal issues, not because they held strong beliefs, or else their beliefs were not strong enough to overcome the benefits of corporate consumption. However, the youngsters of today should learn from the diehards from the 60's who know what went right and what went wrong.

I get it 26.Sep.2002 16:23

I do!


I think you're Right.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.



all the long hairs i knew had jobs. by age 22 i had worked my way up in a factory to lead qc , with hair to my waist. windowpane with breakfast and a tuner on the way to work. the square mgt. must have known i was "out" there but gave me space and backed me when i had an idea. the incentive program paid very well. out there helped see the forest for trees in a hostile environment. making what was in front of me better was quite satisfying, i would have done it for free there, as i do now.
vietnam was taking a shit on my generation. i protested when the veterans did. get a job! i got yelled at. fucking hippie.! commie! i made as much as my cpa dad. gave a lot away. still do. work when i feel like it, eat when i'm hungry, sleep whenever, getup whenever.
grew up on short grass prarie. trees were singular. it wasn't until my mid 30's that i felt the majesty of a stand of 'old beauties'. they had been lovingly spiked some years before.

The hippies are taking over the world 26.Sep.2002 18:57


I wish.

Sermon on the mount 26.Sep.2002 23:12

Neva Calico1235@aol.com

Is this connected to the sermon on the mount?
"Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth."