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9 days until Action for Nuclear Abolition!

Action for Nuclear Abolition - Wise Up, Rise Up, Honor & Resist!
October 5th-15th, Las Vegas - Nevada Test Site - Yucca Mountain.

Defeat the Yucca Mountain Project & nuclear testing in your backyard!

Environmental justice event series includes: panel discussions, strategy planning, a dance party, workshops & skills training, rallies, nonviolent direct actions, ceremonies, & an Indigenous People's Day concert.
Oct. 5: People's Nuclear Abolition Summit, Las Vegas, NV (Call for location update) Indigenous and environmental justice speakers and workshops.

Oct. 6: Rally @ Department of Energy Headquarters, corner of Losee RD and Energy Way, Las Vegas, NV.

Oct. 6-11: Family Spirit Walk from Las Vegas to the Nevada Test Site (NTS).

Oct. 11-15: Action for Nuclear Abolition nonviolent direct action camp, Western Shoshone land, across from the NTS.

Oct. 11:"Unchained Reaction! Dance of Resistance" all night electronic dance party @ gates of the NTS.

Oct. 12: Indigenous People's Day concert and ceremonies @ camp across from NTS.

Oct. 13 - 15: Workshops, training, & nonviolent protests. Walk from Peace Camp to Yucca Mountain.

This event is free and open to the public. Alcohol, firearms and drugs strictly prohibited. For more information please contact:

www.shundahai.org 1-800-471-4737  shundahai@shundahai.org


homepage: homepage: http://www.shundahai.org/ANAmain.htm
phone: phone: 1-800-471-4737

bargain train travel 26.Sep.2002 10:33

choo choo

amtrak is running an online internet special
seattle-los angeles $35.60 each way
round trip ticket purchase NOT required
7 day advance purchase NOT required
travel dates good from Oct 3rd to Nov 21
you can book online and select "pick-up at station"
instead of having the ticket mailed to you
just have to have valid identification
amtrak does not have a surcharge like greyhound
does when a credit card holder purchases the ticket
for another person (greyhound has a $12.00 surcharge)

you can book the seattle-los angeles trip
and board in portland when it comes thru

currently October 3rd is sold out

greyhound travel from los angeles to vegas
is $19.00 7-day advance, $35.00 walk-up

one way 7-day advance from portland to vegas is $69.00

hope to see you there