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DC IMF Protests: Actions Begin as Police and Corporate Media Rhetoric Escalates

25 Sept. 2002 - IMF Protests in DC
IMF: Pack of Lies Actions Begin as Police and Corporate Media Rhetoric Escalates

Protests have begun in DC as activists prepare for the major demonstrations against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund on Friday and Saturday. At the same time, police and corporate media attention towards the event has emerged amid threats of preemptive arrests.

On the afternoon of September 23, the Washington D.C.-based corporate accountability organization Essential Action, held a press conference [ video ] outside the IMF headquarters. They presented their case against the deregulation of tobacco trade policies, which the IMF pushes upon developing nations such as Bulgaria, Mali, Djibouti, Peru, and Uganda among others, and leads to increased smoking rates and attendant health problems. The press conference was accompanied by a report detailing the IMF's disregard for the global public health. On September 24, a DC activist graced [ video ] a posh reception from outside the World Bank building. As the attendees ate and drank inside, she held up a sign reading "Eat the Rich" for attendees. Meanwhile, a Tent City in solidarity with the poor was established on Tuesday in NW DC.

The corporate media treats the grassroots opposition to global corporatism and U.S. foreign policy as a seasonal event, and has rarely reported that the movement originated in the "third world" decades ago. While airing clips of past demos and concentrating on specific points of violence quoted by police, it fails to address the specific grievances that demonstrators, NGO workers, and organizers present during their direct actions, teach-ins and lectures that frequently take place, peacefully, throughout the city during and leading up to major convergences. Though posted for months, DC media outlets and and global wire services have focused for several days on a web page hosted on a website edited by single individual. The page includes a mock scavenger hunt with points awarded for vandalism towards commercial property among other actions. This has been a long standing joke among some of the activist community and something seen in bad taste by many others. Meanwhile, in the face of the decentralized nature of the planned People's Strike on Friday, DC authorities have threatened preemptive arrests.

More information is available from previous global Indymedia coverage: [ Sep 23 | Sep 22 ].

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