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Possible Anthrax incident at Oregon State Capitol Building

possible anthrax incident.
Possible anthrax in Salem Oregon Capitol building of 500 emergency evacuation
860 AM kpam news | 9/25/02

NOW... being reported by state troopers in the capitol in salem oregon that a package full of white powder, postmarked from pakistan... Anthrax potenial was cited... on news report.

Story on KGW.com
INDEPENDENT Media? 25.Sep.2002 17:37

Just wonderin

Uh, I thought the whole premise for this elite web site was to filter out all the "TV" media and give us the "undisclosed truth behind the corporate machine" Then someone posts this piece of garbage from KGW.COM????


First of all, the articles on this site are full of hypocracy. Secondly, it is comprised and supported by a bunch of wanabees. (i.e. Critical mess, Union busting protests ((by a non-union group I might add)) claims of police brutality, self-proclaimed anarchists and now Anthrax in Salem!!)

Shameful, small minded and egocentric at best.

I'm wondering................. 25.Sep.2002 19:43


Yes,KGW is a piece of corporate crap.Yes,the mainstream media is usually like a turd on your shoe.But they do have access to the AP wires,and if you can't filter their stories through your little brain,the same way you filter all the conspiracy stuff on Indymedia,then I suggest you develope the skills of reading between the lines.Sometimes mainstream media reports on current events.Examine what is said,and count on sensationalism,mistruths,and more.Simple.

No longer wonderin 26.Sep.2002 09:41

just wonderin

Developing skills to read between the lines..........


I think your reply was a weak justification.