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Recreational Fee Demonstration Program...

How do you feel about paying a fee just to park your vehicle on public land and then paying another fee just to enter a public Wilderness Area even though the very law that created the existence of the Wilderness in the first place forbids such fees? Needless to say, I hate it and you should too.
Write to Stop Permanent Fee Authority!

Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) introduced the Federal Lands Recreation Fee Authority Act (S.2607) on June 11th, 2002. This bill will make the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program (Fee Demo) permanent. Please write to Senator Jeff Bingaman and tell him you oppose S.2607 because it makes Fee Demo permanent. Let him know how controversial and unpopular these fees are. Tell him you are contacting your Senators to ask them not to cosponsor his bill (S.2067).

Write to:

Senator Jeff Bingaman
Chair, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee
364 Dirksen
Washington, D.C. 20510

A brief handwritten letter makes the most impact. Please make sure your name and address are clearly legible.

The above information is from the Free Our Forests website. I would also suggest that you write US Senators Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden and relate to them that paying fees to enter a Wilderness Area is forbidden within the Wilderness Act of 1964...

Section 2b states:

"No appropriation shall be available for the payment of expenses or salaries for the administration of the National Wilderness Preservation System as a separate unit nor shall any appropriations be available for additional personnel stated as being required solely for the purpose of managing or administering areas solely because they are included within the National Wilderness Preservation System."



homepage: homepage: http://www.freeourforests.org/actionalert.html

Fee Free! 25.Sep.2002 15:00


Whether or not the fees become permanent, this is how I have chosen to adhere to the permit program. Since it is a recreational program, my future excursions to the forest will be for research purposes only. I plan to monitor the overall health of the forests. Since it is currently a volunteer program, I choose not to volunteer. Should I decide to recreate in the forests at some time in the future, I plan to park (if I drive) in a non-regulated area, and walk or bike to the trailhead.