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Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows

Thirty Rogue Valley citizens gathered at the juncture of Highway 230 and Forest Service road 6510 outside of Prospect, Oregon on the Rogue River National Forest to protest the replacement volume timber program and the logging of the Peak timber sale, an old growth forest near the headwaters of the Rogue River. Demonstrators were met by law enforcement upholding a 660-acre closure of public land. Tree-sitters have been living in the area since mid-july.

Thirty Rogue Valley citizens assembled at the juncture of Highway 230 and Forest Service road 6510 outside of Prospect, Oregon on the Rogue River National Forest. Law Enforcement Officers from Oregon State Police, USFS, and Jackson County Sheriff's Department were enforcing closure on the bridge over the Rogue River, sealing off over 660 acres of public land. With the river between the citizens and their public lands, fellers from Scott Timber continued to log units with occupied tree-sits.

Mazama Forest Defenders occupy two platforms in the Peak timber sale, only one of which has been discovered and documented by Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers.

Tuesday morning began somber and peaceful, with a rally in support of the forest defenders occupying the sale at the site of the road closure. At approximately 11:00 am, Forest Service personel attempted to bring in road equipment to the closure area to construct blockades at the other two access points to the sale. Activists blocked access to the closure, and one person locked down to a backhoe transported on a trailer. Over the next three hours, two dozen law enforcement officers maintained the blockade of FS road 6510.

An arrest was made at around 1:30 pm, after negotiating a deal to turn back the road building equipment for the day. At this time, the activist who locked down is being charged with Disorderly Conduct, Trespass 2, Criminal Mishief 2, and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

Resistance at Peak timber sale 25.Sep.2002 10:14


Images from yesterday's demonstration at the headwaters of the Rogue River

Peak Protest 25.Sep.2002 10:18


more images from the Peak timber sale protest on Tuesday September 24th.

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Can anyone identify freddies 25.Sep.2002 13:51

Forest Kid

The guy with the mustache on the bottom looks familiar. Wayne from Cottage Grove? Can anyone identify the freddies in the pictures?

Good job people! 25.Sep.2002 15:07

Rod H.

Mucho kudos to the people working to save the forest at Peak.The person(s)willing to take a bust there really showed the commitment is there,the concern is there,the will is there.Maximum props to the Mazama Forest Defenders and other groups working to save the trees.Please put more updates on line soon.

Thank you forest defenders 25.Sep.2002 15:16


THANK YOU to all the folks out at the Peak sale. Thank you for resisting the logging our last ancient forests and leaving a legacy of resistance in the tragedy of our times.