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BD Detachment

Bush Daddy Detachment: It's the SA.
My Daddy said that my friend, Pete may be sincere when he says, "Don't write about me anymore." So this guy lives in a bar, and I was wondering how he got there. This brought back memories of 1968, and my Uncle Ben yelling at "Mac", a 22 year old alcoholic friend: "Hey Mac! Take off those shades so we can see what color your eyes are!" This guy is probably living in a bar because Bush Daddy Tribe saw the tell-tale yellowing of his eyes when he was intoxicated, indicating that kidney failure was imminent. The eyes are the "window" of the soul (Job 31:16; Prov. 15:30; 23:29; Matt. 6:22). If BDT is not able to "roll" this guy to hasten his demise (201796), they will "throw" the chemicals that they know will "tax" the body's urinary system, helping to promote kidney failure (24988). Of course they might always run the guy down again (192800); thus I hope that you all read the postscript and forewarning that I posted with later posts of "Bush Daddy Religion" (204463), explaining how Bush Daddy claimed that the Sheriff Association (SA) was a "key player" in the criminal activities of BDT.

As you should know, the SA was the Storm Troopers, Hitler's private army (174299). SA stood for Sturmabteilung, which meant "storm detachment". A failed objective was to eventually make the "thugs, hooligans, and brawlers" of the Storm Troopers into a department of the military; however this failure enabled the Storm Troopers to immigrate here and elsewhere. The current Bush Administration is contemplating a similar measure of unifying certain police agencies with the military in order to fight this bogus war on terrorism. Although there are honest police in the Sheriff Association, they have been programmed to ignore the chemical-mongering activities of those who are terrorizing the populace a la "Wisconsin Death Trip" (80050); thus it comes as no surprise that with a word, the godless holy-wannabes of BDT can declare a man guilty (Is. 29:21) and say, "Take my car and run that guy down!" In this case the righteous are "..silent when the wicked swallow up the man more righteous than he" (Hab. 1:13) because the owners are not traceable. Have you seen cars with license plates with letters like "ZYX" that you can link to no specific locality? Well Bush Daddy says that BDT has set it up so that no one can trace the owners of such cars, for they target anyone who attempts a "trace". These plates are probably never recorded, and registrations and proof of insurance are not necessary. The cars of murder victims are used in this way (24603), and morons think that it is legal to drive this way because BDT backs them up. Would you drive a car because some moron said, "You can use it if you want to"? "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death" (Prov. 14:12). Thus there might come another "great falling away" (2 Thess. 2:3) as BDT scrambles to sell these "hot cars" that they never legally owned. On the other hand, I doubt if they will sell off all 200,000,000 of them (Rev. 9:16). The morons of BDT could be with us a little while more (Jer. 8:3; Ps. 37:10).

PS: 9/25/02 - Sounds like they might be selling cars in Hooterville (29190). All you need is love. As for the godless selfish loveless BDT, the day of their watchmen has come (Mic. 7:4). "Morning is coming, but also the night (Is. 21:12).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger