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june 12 1990 I woke up , remember flag burning?

aclu defended a built for the part creep. he made the news and trashed the flag.
in weeks before the ruling, debate roared, 1st amendment. or limits free speach or muzzles or crime ....................like a magician

june 12 1990  I woke up , remember flag burning?
june 12 1990 I woke up , remember flag burning?
Since at least 1990, and probably before, the real power which
is money and information, has planned to erase our freedom as
won by our founders.
The largest headlines I have ever seen, june 12 1990, screamed
what had been front page news for months.
High Court OK's Flag Burning as 1st amendment right. even the
far left was angered. It pleased no one.
What few remember was buried on page 7. "court gives police
new powers." They no longer needed probable cause to stop and
search citizens. dissenting judge Stevens wrote, "every
citizen is subject to being seized and questioned by any
officer who is prepared to testify that the warrantless stop
was based on an anonymous tip predicting whatever conduct the
officer just observed."

Dissenters stevens, brenner and marshall said the ruling makes
a mockery of the fourth amendment.
why was this hidden so well? why upset everyone with a
symbolic issue unless to lessen the sting of real loss??
violent crime stats. kept by the fbi, had dropped each year
for 18 years straight. Yet clinton hired 100,000 more police.
"hiring more cops to stop crime is like hiring ambulance
drivers to cure cancer"
the 2 test cases of citizens held without rights bodes ill for
everyone, if the junta has their way.
Know this....once a right, any right, is lost...it will never
be given back. The vanish rule is applied to those who speak
out or speak up first.
My prediction........corporate rule is upon us. It is probably
unstopable. control of mass media keeps the sheep distracted
and fearful. prison factories (modern gulags) will be the
norm. manditory sentancing has already taken common sense and
reason out of the way.
now the power to erase people at will is being sought.
I would give my life freely to protect this land of my birth,
and anyone who resides here. I am a marked man. Every thing I
post also goes to the man who would be king and his
puppeteers. I also use my own name...
Why do this? I am only one...but I am one. History will be my
judge. I pray this is about aliens, or something bigger. my
quiet voice tells me it is about power. nothing
personal.......  http://www.apfn.org/apfn/rule.htm

not any more , like my nom de gere aka aka
We burned Flags - Whats your point? 27.Sep.2002 08:58

Terri VVAWAI TheVets@vvawai.org

We led one of two major flag burnings in 1990. What is your point you're making?