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How does the public feel about federal timber sale program?

Letter concerning federal timber sale program.
This "letter to the editor" was printed in the Eugene Register Guard tuesday. Many people share these sentiments that the federal timber sale program is a sham on taxpayers.


I have operated a tree farm for about 60 years here in Oregon, and last year was the first that I did not pay income tax. So I did not do my share of supporting our schools and government. Because of the giveaway and loss of money on the sale of government timber and the importation of timber, the timber market is so low you cannot afford to log.

It is also getting harder and harder to get a good logger now when 58 percent of the timber in the United States is owned by small woodland owners. You can see one of the reasons the country is in such a hell of a mess.

I don't know of any other business that is in direct competition with our government. I have to pay taxes; the government doesn't. And there are a lot of people who would like to see the government give away more timber. I think last year was the worst year for the tree farmer since the first year of the Reagan administration.

Blue River