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On October 5th, 6th and 7th - Across the nation and around the world people will rise up to end this horror! NO War Without Limits NO Detentions & Round-ups NO Police State Restrictions

WAR WITHOUT END - NOT IN OUR NAME! - Oct 5th, 6th and 7th

Across the nation there will be anti-war protests and rallies against the proposed invasion of Iraq and the destructive actions of the American government against Afghanistan. Mass protests are planned for New York City (ground zero), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and many other cities across the nation. The rallies and protests are timed to coincide with two national days of action on 10/6 and 10/7 entitled NOT IN OUR NAME. October 7 was the day the first U.S. bombs fell on Afghanistan last fall.

Please see http://www.notinourname.net/main.html for more on the national movement to stop the endless war.

Oregon will be no different. Events are being planned in Portland, Corvallis and Eugene. If you know of other events being planned please post here.

Portland - October 5th - Saturday
Eugene - October 6th - Sunday
Corvallis - October 6th - Sunday

Portland - October 5th

No New War on Iraq! ... and end the war on Afghanistan!
March & Rally for Peace
Saturday, October 5, 2002
12 Noon
South Park Blocks (Shemanski Park, behind the Schnitz, S.W.
Salmon & 9th, downtown Portland).

(March to Terry Schrunk Plaza)

Co-sponsored by: Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group; War Resisters League - Portland; American Friends Service Committee; Portland Peaceful Response Coalition; Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility; Jews for Global Justice; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Portland; Oregon Peaceworks; Women in Black; Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers); East Timor Action Network/Portland and the Oregon Peace Institute.

Endorsed by: Oregon Wildlife Federation; Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights; Friends of Sabeel-North America; Friends of Peace and Justice in the Holy Land; Campaign for Peace With Cuba.

Information: Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group (503) 236-3065

Corvallis - October 6

"NOT IN OUR NAME: A community rally for peace and justice"

October 6, 2002, 2-4PM
Benton County Courthouse grounds

Sponsored by Alternatives to War and other area organizations.

**Keynote speakers: Ann and Bruce Huntwork of the Mennonite Central Committee who recently spent six months in Tehran and Mashhad,Iran, where they worked with the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) to report on material aid distributed to Afghan refugees and internallydisplaced Afghans.

Representative Peter DeFazio, invited.

**Solidarity statements from representatives of the Muslim community, area youth, Unheard Voices, Oregon Peace Works, Wrench (OSU student organization), and others.

**Music by: BALAFON, legendary marimba band, SAMUSSON AND TOMASSI, NW songwriters and singers of "songs in service of grassroots America," LAURIE CHILDERS, Corvallis area songwriter and singer. Reading: The Beasts' Confusion, by Roger Weaver

For further information, contact:
Carol Alexander at calex@peak.org

Eugene - no update yet - however there is a planning committee
- Anyone have any information about this event? Please post if you do.

homepage: homepage: http://www.notinourname.net/main.html

terrorist news 24.Sep.2002 16:40


check out this link. ww2 propaganda, fear , terrorists, bushco does it all.


propaganda 101.. abc news is little butt. hehehehe

create a negative stereotype
.....organized crime..black street gang..foreign terrorist, pedophile priest, thought criminal, ruthless dictator.

present opinion as fact
....the nation is worried...attack is inevitable...many think

masking opinions through sources
...a talking head "expert" or quoting a "foreign source"

value-loaded terminology
....weapons of mass destruction..known militant..... axis of evil, dirty bomber, pedophile priest, freedom fighter, left wing, white supremicist. war on terror, plot, suspect and lately activist and demonstrator are linked to the negative.

Selective presentation of fact
....Violent Crimes are up...without mentioning better reporting of domestic assaults and excessive force complaints against police are way up. Growth of a problem without mentioning cuts in funding.

!!!!!.fill the news with sensational crime storys like pedophile priests, serial killers, and child abduction to the exclusion of others. Like corporate crime, securitys fraud and questionable legislation.

Undocumented sources of authority.
..it is said..many people think...unnamed sources tell us..reliable sources and "corroberated" statements...independent sources have learned.

Stripping fact from its context.
..a variation on the tool above which links unrelated "facts" together by running them together in a story....a story on ambulance crash deaths includes numbers of people who expire in ambulances other ways. Links on news sites can put 2 propaganda stories together for effect. dirty bomber /pedophile priest ran for weeks. The % of priests who are pedophiles compared to enormity of the coverage and disregard for millions of catholics (the victims) gives pause. Or in naming or speaking of something. Save our forests, patriot act, war on drugs, homeland security, peace in the middle east are some. War on terror

selective interviewing.
..exclude, condemn or broaden the scope of opinions.

Any Chance of Getting Nader in Portland? 25.Sep.2002 08:59


Ralph Nader will be in Portland on October 6 to speak about the formation of a PUD in the PGE service area.

Any chance of getting him to attend any of the anti-war events?