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corporate dominance

Public power for Washington county

Bring power back to the people!
People's Utility Districts solve the PGE/Enron mess for Oregonians:

Provide stable, local control:
Locally owned and controlled: board of directors directly elected by voters
Stable power supply: Cannot be sold at the whim of a private corporation
Independent of the Oregon Public Utility Commission, which approved the sale of PGE to Enron and then OK'd the largest rate hike in Oregon history

Good for Labor:

Must honor existing union contracts of PGE's workers
Have no overpriced executives draining money from workers
No absentee ownership: Local control is invested in employees
Multiple PUDs = a larger job market: No corporate mergers = stable jobs

Lower Costs:

Will get PGE's assets at the lowest price by using eminent domain: doesn't bid at the Enron bankruptcy auction
Get wholesale power at low rates unavailable to private utilities
More money stays at home: PUDs don't pay Federal income taxes
Provide power to citizens, not profits to shareholders: 14% of your PGE bill goes to shareholders!
Have no overpriced executives draining money from ratepayers

Good for the Environment:

Can make decisions based on best environmental practices, not highest income
Can develop renewable resources
With a People's Utility District, we can control our energy future. We will not be subject to the whims of absentee owners whose primary objective is to make a profit, not serve the public!

The Peoples Utility District petition drive for Washington County is in full swing!
We have collected several hundred signatures over the last few weeks, but are still far short of our goal!

We need dedicated people who are willing to "walk the walk" and do the "fun" legwork known as signature gathering! We also need ideas for "tableing" venues and signature gathering locations. This is a "coalition" effort and all community groups are encouraged to participate!

There will be a PUD petition drive this Thursday at the Home of community activist Tom Long.
We will be discussing ways to increase participation in the petition drive as well as ideas for new venues.

Your input and participation is vital to the success of this campaign!
If a Peoples Utility district can be a "reality" in Washington county, it is up to each and every one of us to volunteer some time to this effort.
Lets work together to bring the "power back to the people" and get the Enrons of the world our of Oregon for good!

Don't be intimidated by the petition process. It is actually quite fun and anyone can do it!
We can provide you with the necessary training and information to be a productive petitioner.
But only if you get involved!!!!!

Please join us Thursday night at 7:00 pm.
The address is 1695 SW Hicrest Ave. Portland, OR 97225
This link gives a mapquest location.

Any Questions please call Steve Geiger at (503) 649-8493
See you Thursday!