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imperialism & war

No new war on Iraq!

... and end the war on Afghanistan!

March & Rally for Peace
Saturday, October 5th, 2002
12 Noon
S Park Blocks (SW Salmon & 9th)

Flyers and info at www.rdrop.com/~pjw/ (Oreon PeaceWorks)
details from oregon peaceworks 24.Sep.2002 14:52

opw list

"No New War on Iraq!/End the war on Afghanistan" Still set to start 12 noon in the South Park Blocks, SW 9th and Salmon.

We want to emphasize that this march and rally are for _everybody_ to attend, and in order to make it more accessible to those who, perhaps, have never come to a demonstration before, the numerous peace groups signed on (PJW, PPRC, PSR, OPI, WILPF, OPW, MMM, WRL, JfGJ, ETAN) have
decided to take out permits for the parks and the march. The event will be promoted as a peaceful, legal gathering.

We will be starting in the South Park Blocks at SW 9th and Salmon and likely ending at Terry Schrunk Plaza at SW 3rd and Madison, though we're still firming up the march route.

We (the peace groups working on the event) will need volunteers to:
Put flyers up all around town,
Make signs/banners,
Be "peacekeepers" for the march (experienced folks preferred),
Donate money.

If you want a copy of the current flyer (in .pdf/Acrobat format), it is posted at our website, the direct link is:
but there's also a link to the flyer on the home page