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Actions This Friday??????

What actions are planned this Friday in conjunction with actions in Washington D.C.?
Are there any planned actions this Friday to coordinate with actions going on in Washington D.C. around the People's Strike against the IMF/World Bank?

Are there plans for a march, perhaps for the PPRC and Critical Mass to come together?

Any information would be lovely!
action this friday 24.Sep.2002 20:07


I heard a little bit...but havent seen any round here wanting to do anything cool

CALL TO ACTION 25.Sep.2002 16:14

ready and able

I've been waiting to hear some word on this, but since nothing is forthcoming, then I take the initiative. LET'S DO SOMETHING. The critical mass ride is fri at 5:30. Let's bring that together with some non-violent action in support of our sisters and brothers who were able to get to DC. Whaddya say? Let's all meet down at terry shrunk plaza (unless u can think of a better place) at, say 6:30pm. PASS THIS ON! Maybe if everyone comes out in every city in the country, we can finally be heard. Send the word out to everyone you know.

Still calling! 25.Sep.2002 17:23

ready and able

Oops! Didn't mean to leave PPRC out. Yeh! So um, whaddya say? Let's all get together on fri to remind the IMF/World Bank etc that we mean it.