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anti-war protest

did anyone hear any murmers about a protest against the war in iraq on october fifth in portland? heard something on kboo about it & can't find info anywhere.. who knows?
did anyone hear any murmers about a protest against the war in iraq on october fifth in portland? heard something on kboo about it & can't find info anywhere.. who knows?
The anti war movement in Portland is horrible 24.Sep.2002 11:55


I am very surprised at how poorly organized the anti-war movement is in Portland. It seems like it is an organizing problem. Certainly there are plenty of people who would get involved. It is Portland for christ sakes.

Is there a split between groups and if so why.

I feel a bit pathetic going to the Friday PPRC demonstrations with 50 people. Hell more people in Indianapolis turn out for their weekly demonstration.

Something needs to change.

yeah, anti war action on the fifth 24.Sep.2002 12:07


here's the info: Portland Peace and Justice Works (look it up on the web) is sponsoring a rally on October 5th. Starts in the South Park Blocks, at noon.

you're right, there hasn't been too much publicity. but just like on indymedia, don't blame the publicity, be the publicity! fliers are easy to make! sidewalk chalk is cheap! post to the internet, send out emails, make phone calls!

tired of a lack of organization? YOU ARE THE ORGANIZATION! don't complain, get active. bring groups together, make phonecalls. organizing is hard fucking work and people need all the help they can get. complaining does nothing.

it's like i sarcastically sang back in 1991, "here we are now, entertain us."


"No New War on Iraq!" March and Rally 24.Sep.2002 12:48


No New War on Iraq!
... and end the war on Afghanistan!
March & Rally for Peace
Saturday, October 5, 2002
12 Noon
South Park Blocks (Shemanski Park, behind the Schnitz, S.W. Salmon & 9th, downtown Portland).

(March to Terry Schrunk Plaza)

Co-sponsored by: Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group; War Resisters League - Portland; American Friends Service Committee; Portland Peaceful Response Coalition; Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility; Jews for Global Justice; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Portland; Oregon Peaceworks; Women in Black; Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers); East Timor Action Network/Portland and the Oregon Peace Institute.
Endorsed by: Oregon Wildlife Federation; Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights; Friends of Sabeel-North America; Friends of Peace and Justice in the Holy Land; Campaign for Peace With Cuba.

Information: Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group (503) 236-3065

Portland is 1/3 population of Indianapolis 24.Sep.2002 13:14


Very glad to hear that the Indianapolis peace vigils and rallies are bigger than Portland's. It is of course a city that is three times the population, so I assume they get over 200 participants each week.

But Billy, you can't really be serious about giving a flying fuck about the peace movement here in Portland. Else you'd be doing something about it instead of trashing the tiny group of activists who are actually making an effort.

Either you're a Portland Police Department or FBI counter-organizer, having a go at demoralizing the activist community here in Portland, or more likely you're just a disgraceful, self-absorbed, spineless loser with nothing but your anonymous bitterness to sustain a worthless existence. Either way, most Indy readers recognize your posts, and are slowly developing an immunity. But keep it up, Billy. It's good therapy for you, apparently, and the damage to the rest of us is less and less with each post.

Billy's Rubber, You're Glue! 24.Sep.2002 13:28


Either you're a Portland Police Department or FBI counter-organizer, having a go at demoralizing the activist community here in Portland, or more likely you're just a disgraceful, self-absorbed, spineless loser with nothing but your anonymous bitterness to sustain a worthless existence. Either way, most Indy readers recognize your posts, and are slowly developing an immunity. But keep it up, anti-Billy. It's good therapy for you, apparently, and the damage to the rest of us is less and less with each post.

yikes! 24.Sep.2002 13:34

aunti billi

maybe since we're talking about a PEACE demonstration here, we could all get off each other's backs. Ya think?

Portland organizing has been great! 24.Sep.2002 13:50


The comments about the lack of organizing in Portland seem to be in conflict with the facts.

The Bush protest this past August was a success precisely due to the great organizing efforts of the various groups involved.
This protest received global coverage.
We shut down the streets of Portland and it was all due to some dedicated people who helped organize the various groups and get the word out to the masses.

I must admit that I have been dissapointed with some of the turnouts at the weekly PPRC meeting at Pioneer square, but the truth is that the people of Portland will come through when they need to.
We didn't get the title of "Little Beirut" from daddy shrub because we can't organize.

Strangely enough, I don't think I ever think of Indianapolis when I think of organized protest.

October 5th is still a couple of weeks away.
Portland Indymedia usually ratchets up getting the word out on the week of the event.

But I agree with the other posters here.
If you are unhappy with the "organizational efforts" you have seen so far. Do something about it.


Wow, Just giving some constructive criticism 24.Sep.2002 14:09


I am called a cop or an FBI agent because I dare state what I think is obivious about the apathetic nature of the anti-war movement. Some of the people here are just a bit too paranoid. I have gone to several of the PPRC Friday dems and feel that more can be done. I agree I am an organizer and I should change what I see as broke. I know I'm not a savior nor do I have all the time and energy I know it would take.

I am simply testing the waters. What if anything needs to change about how Portland's anti-war movement is organizing? So call me a cop if you want. Or better yet, how about a dialogue?

Constructive? 24.Sep.2002 14:34

An activist

I agree that there's more that could be done - but I'm doing all that I can and so are the other activists that I work with. Instead of complaining that the anti-war movement is apathetic, horrible and poorly organized, why don't you offer some suggestions about how to improve it? Or better yet, offer some of your time and energy and do something.

Apathetic?? 24.Sep.2002 14:43


Funny. I always thought that Portland was one of the MOST activist cities in America. It had the largest demonstration of the Gulf War and certainly got national attention this past August. What's the beef? There's not that much going on back east, they are mostly asleep since 9-11, from what I've heard.

are we welcome? 24.Sep.2002 15:07

your anarchist allies

rumor has it that the october 5 demonstration won't welcome folks who wear all black, bring gas masks, or include profanity in their anti-war signs. i hope that's not true.

to ensure that it's not true, i'd love to go to a planning meeting. but that same rumor told me that the meetings are invitation-only. can one of the organizers respond, please?

October 5th Organizers, dress code rumor 24.Sep.2002 18:19


Regarding planning for the October 5th event, my last post (please excuse my pathetic use of quotation marks) listed the current list of sponsors and endorsers. The planning group is a coalition of local peace and justice groups, and so the planning meetings have been limited to representatives from those organizations. I believe there are plans for a "general meeting" sometime, but I don't know the details. You can contact any of the organizations, but as you might imagine, Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group is probably a good place to start.

As to the dress code rumors, they are not true. Wear whatever you like.

However, this is a peace march and rally for which the organizers have applied for and been given city permits, and that may give you a fair sense of the character of the event as envisioned by the organizing groups. The groups very much want the focus to be on a confrontation with the Bush administration's war plans, and not on conflict with the local Police Department. As we all know, there are no guarantees when dealing with the Portland Police. But the intention, as far as I can tell, was to not allow them any excuse for bringing out the riot gear. Time will tell as to whether there's any success on that score.

Don't blame Billy!!! It's not his fault. 24.Sep.2002 19:10


He's embarrassed - can't you see? He's embarrassed at attending the only action in town. He's afraid of what people will think of him and what people say about him...
and he lets that get in the way of standing up for what he believes in.

My condolences Billy.

You have my permission to stay home and watch "Everybody Loves Raymond"
No need to blame your embarrassment on the 50 people that do show up every week.
Don't blame them for your inability to get off your ass and do all the glorious things you *could" be doing if it just wasn't for those dreadfully embarrassing people who attend that weekly rally.
And don't let them hold you back from organizing your own weekly event! They might even attend your event if they can be assured that they won't cause you any embarrassment.

Or maybe someone can tell us what other weekly anti-war actions Billy could attend? Surely we can find a place for Billy that he would not be embarrassed?

Oh I hope so.

peace 24.Sep.2002 21:14


Peace is... Fuck Bush
Peace is... Fuck Bhopal
Peace is... Fuck HLS
Peace is... Fuck police brutality

Peace is...protesting
Peace is...meditating
Peace is...calling a few elected officials
Peace is...writing solidarity letters to those in jail
Peace is...gardening
Peace is...zippers!

Peace is not...liberal policing
Peace is not...complaining about human-zombies
Peace is not...sweatshops

Peace will be what we make it. I made it mine, can you make it yours? Lets all make peace our own thing, together. All I am saying...is give Biafra a chance...

Permit? 25.Sep.2002 07:56


Do you really think that it matters how much you suck up to the pigs? They attack at will. They mace little kids. What the fuck can a permit do for you? They just revoke permits if anything happens anyway. No more asking, begging, or brown-noseing for the right to gather in the street. If we really wanna fuck up the war planners, we should shatter the peace on our own streets. Ungovernable; Get it? Happy chants and songs won't save the families in Iraq from war, but a running riot all across ameriKKKa just might.

Soon we will find out who are the real revolutionaries!

relax -A- 25.Sep.2002 09:17


I'm getting so tired of the little black clad kids talking big about street action and not coming through. I know this is a string about a "peace" march and all, but I just wanted to let all you little "punks" know that if I saw a cop and crusty both being attacked by dogs and I had the power to stop only one of the maulings, I'd just hang around and watch the show. Grow the fuck up, If you want to FSU then do it, otherwise shut up.

It is futility not embarassment 25.Sep.2002 11:46


Wow, you throw out some criticism and get jumped on around here. I have gone to 3 or four Friday PPRC dems. I have these feelings of rage and futility not really embarassment. I am pissed off and going to a poorly attended dem with people saying little and not being very supportive feels like I am wasting my time. I know that I am not. I know that going is good but it is this feeling that I can not stop or change. (perhaps I should see a shrink)

One thing I've noticed is that when I have a feeling of futility most likely others do to. Then I have ask myself why? Then I wonder what could be different. I am not ragging on the PPRC organizers just throwing some stuff out for others to think about. The week of 9/11 I wanted to scream and I went to the Friday dem and could not stay. Like spitting into the wind it seemed futile. Less then 50 people there. No real opposition to the crazyness that is all around. So I left.

I am tired of chanting, Tired of holding up a sign (many signs are silly anyways) and tired of feeling so out of step. Tired of dealing with parts of the left that sometimes is not very smart (mostly the reactionaries and some of the black clad kids) I remember wanting a revolution in 84 then in 88 then again every few years, but nothing changed. Not even me. I'm older still angry, still allienated and the US seems more sheep like and even more apathetic.

I will definately be there and I plan on rallying support for the October 5th dem. I am excited about it. I am pleased that the focus will be on numbers not conflict with the cops and anarchy. I understand why rallies sometimes do not get permits and I often support it. But other times there are better tactics. Getting 5,000 people to show up before a war, have them be energized and have them hear informative speakers would be fantasitc.

Peace, Billi 25.Sep.2002 16:59

Aunty Billi

All right. maybe we can all lay off Billi. It's been a stressful time for us all. No need to start eating each other. I was surprised by Billi's comments too, cuz i can't think of any city i am more proud of than portland in terms of activism and standing up for what's right. Yes, the black bloc-ers too. There's room for all of us here. But, after filtering out the unnecessary barbs, i think i can hear what billi is trying to say. I don't think this is about what people in portland aren't doing, i think it's about one person's agonizing frustration at the huge, overwhelming, capitalist war machine, and the feelings of powerlessness at trying to face it alone. The stress got to him for a minute, and he barked at the city of portland instead of at the machine. We've all said things "wrong" once in awhile. But you're not alone, billi. None of us is. Let's get out there and focus our energies on tearing down the machine, not each other.