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Medford Living Wage Initiative Filed on Thursday Sept 26

Living Wage Campaign Supporters File Medford City Initiative for Living Wage Jobs Ordinance
Supporters of a Living Wage policy for the City of Medford will gather on Thursday, September 26 at Medford City Hall to file a ballot initiative for a Medford Living Wage Ordinance. The group will file in the City Recorder's office on the third floor of City Hall at 11:00 AM.

After a series of public requests over the last year for public hearings by Oregon Action for a City Living Wage proposal the Medford City Council reversed itself and held a hearing, but voted 5 to 3 against adopting any movement toward living wage policies.

There are now 83 cities/counties that have adopted ordinances to address the needs of low wage workers. Those ordinances require all city workers, employees of city contracts or city subsidized businesses and grantees to be paid a living wage. All city public tax dollars should pay a living wage.

Because it is clear that five members of the Medford City Council will not support any living wage policies, the Living Wage Campaign has updated the proposed Living Wage ordinance into a city initiative which can be voted on by city voters The campaign will need to collect 3,600 signatures of Medford registered voters.