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Iran Needs to be Liberated Too, Not Just Iraq

Like other recent émigrés and defectors, the Iranian rowers fled from a country in a headlong plunge into one of Dante's lowest levels of hell, where drug use has reached epidemic proportions, where prostitution is rampant, particularly among the young, where any publication that dares suggest the regime is rotten is immediately shut down and its editors dragged before Islamic tribunals, where the regime admits to one-seventh of the population hopelessly below the poverty line, and where, as a result, the people now show open contempt for all the leaders, from Supreme Leader Khamenei to President Khatami — the so-called president who is the darling of the regime's Western apologists.

The authority of the leaders has reached such a low point that Khamenei himself found it almost impossible to find a replacement for the Ayatollah Taheri, who shocked the country a few weeks ago when he resigned as Friday Prayer Leader in Isfahan. There are 70,000 mullahs in Iran, but the Supreme Leader had to go outside the country to recruit his personal representative in Syria, Mr. Tabatabai-Nejad. The mullahs' man in Damascus for several years, Tabatabai-Nejad was the paymaster for Iranian-sponsored terrorists in Syria and Lebanon, and got a warm sendoff from Hezbollah when he left the Syrian capital.

Even such publications as the British Guardian are now publishing articles with such catchy headlines as "No One Wants Mollahs in Iran," that begin with phrases like "'No one wants the mullahs, not even Khatami, who no longer seems to have any power,' said Farideh, a medical student at the university..."

The latest courageous man to describe the dreadful Iranian reality is one Akbar Ganji, perhaps the country's leading journalist, now serving a five-year sentence, took full advantage of a one-week parole by distributing a sixty-page pamphlet he had written in prison. "The Islamic Republic of Iran," he tells us, "not only is basically anti-democratic but also irreformable." He calls for a mass movement of civil disobedience to force the rulers to accept a national referendum on the proper form of government for the country.

This alone would be sufficient to confirm Ganji's status as an enemy of the regime, along with other lay and clerical critics. But Ganji went much further. He attacked the leader of the Iranian Revolution, the Ayatollah Khomeini, pointing out that Khomeini had promised democracy but, once in power, had instituted a clerical tyranny. "So long as this system...is in place, there is no way for Iranians to acquire democracy."

Strike two. But he went even further. Islam itself, he said, is "irreconcilable" with the idea of democracy, because Islam insists on different rules for different sexes, people of different faiths, and so forth, and therefore Islam is incompatible with the ideal of true equality for all citizens.

And then, for those who still hold out hope that the system can be reformed, Ganji proclaimed that not only are the reformers — from President Khatami on down — "dead," but their goals have by now been overtaken by the more radical goals of the Iranian people: a secular regime, equality among all, and full human rights.

No wonder that most Iranians believe that Ganji has signed his own death sentence, but the larger import of this amazing document is that it really does reflect the feelings of the Iranian people today. Like Ganji, they have concluded that the regime is so corrupt, and the society has become so degraded, that the people in authority are utterly unable to deal with the crisis. So it must go.

Indeed, the behavior of the leaders suggests that they know it themselves. Just this past week, Foreign Minister Kharrazi sneaked into New York and held quiet meetings with former American diplomats, and whispered that Iran would be willing to cooperate with the United States in the war against Iraq, provided that the Bush administration promised not to threaten the regime. This should fool no one (although the State Department wizards no doubt still hope for rapprochement), since the White House is well aware of the extensive Iranian operations against our troops in Afghanistan, not to mention efforts to murder President Karzai. And they also know that at 6:45 in the morning of September 21, nearly 60 top Iranian officials from Khamenei's office flew to Saudi Arabia (where they will stay until October 4), to try to coordinate joint efforts against us once the campaign against Iraq begins. Khamenei is convinced that once Saddam is brought down, he and his cronies are next on the American list, and he is telling the Saudis that they will follow in relatively short order.

From his lips to God's ears.

Meanwhile, as the Iranians feign peace, they prepare for war. They intend to test within a week or ten days a super-modern air-to-ground missile of far greater accuracy than anything they have shown us before. Components come from various Western countries, from South Africa and France to Australia and Canada, with critical technology courtesy of our Chinese and North Korean friends.

And, in keeping with its role as the mother of all terrorism, Iran continues to pour its resources into the terror network. Elahe Hicks, a researcher for Human Rights Watch who visited Tehran in July, felt compelled to put the lie to Foreign Minister Kharrazi in a letter to the New York Times on the 15th of September: "I met with several senior Iranian government officials...who assured me that Qaeda members were indeed being sheltered in Iran by hard-line clerical leaders..."

Faster, please. Much faster. These people will soon lunge for our throats.
The Lame Valet Sucks!!!!! 23.Sep.2002 13:56

Anon E Muss

You are truly a Lame Valet. Why don't you quit posting your shit here and put it where it truly belongs. Up your arse.

Go away fool. You are not wanted here.

not only are you a jerk... 23.Sep.2002 14:39

this thing here

... but you have a short memory.

"The Axis Of Evil". remember? Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

how, pray tell, does labelling iran part of the axis of evil help the reformers? you'll remember how alienated those reformers felt after bush gave that speech.

creating animosity in those you are trying to ally your country with is really very stupid and counterproductive, isn't it lamet vali. "you're our friend. we like seeing your reforms. no wait! sorry, now all of you are our enemy." so what's the deal lamet vali? should we just bomb them all as you and your president would like to do?

and why stop at iran? what about saudi arabia? kuwait? uzbekhistan? cuba? north korea? russia? china? if our new global dominance policy isn't a joke, it should be carried out to fullest extent. then the world will take us seriously, right lamet vali...

Tell your story walkin! 23.Sep.2002 15:08


You hate filled sermon is based on propagating "fear" of entities that do not exist or of enemies who have been exaggerated to create the desired perspective.

Your long winded posts that read like a parrot of the mainstream news are transparent and jingoistic and have no real value other than to indicate where you get your information. (which is painfully obivous!)

Contrary to the lies that you have bought into, the threat of terrorism against the United States is relatively low.
Despite the supposed hundreds of Al Quada "sleeper cells" that are waiting to descend on us like a horde of evil from the hills and despite the supposed terror network that supposedly spans 60 countries, we have not had one incident of terrorism against the United States since Bush read to a goat on 9/11.
If this "fear" that you are selling is so real, don't you think that we would have experienced another terrorist attackby now? Even a small one?

You probably also subscribed to the notion that the "red menace" was coming to get us when you built your bomb shelter back in the 50's. LOL

If you truely were concerned about terrorism you would not be supporting an unprecedented and unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation without evidence of wrongdoing.
It is this type of foreign policy blunder that is at the root of much of the Islamic hatred that plants the seeds for terrorism to begin with.
If you thought 9/11 was something, watch what happens if the US tries to install a "capitalist friendly" so-called puppet democracy in Iraq.
Then you might get some of the terror your trying to sell here.

By the way, this site is dedicated to alternative media.
It is not designed for the braindead readers and viewers of the corporate controlled media.
If you are here to learn another perspective, fine. Learn.

But keep your ignorant ideas about fear and what constitutes patriotism out of here.
We have heard all those lies before.
That's why we came here.
To get away from people like you who just don't get it and never will.


Say what? 23.Sep.2002 15:12

former MKO

So you are asking for US military aggression into your country? It is very understandable for an organization that has failed to do it itself, not even with Iraq's help. Now you are asking the big daddy to weight in. We'all know that in your system of prophecy and followships you can not come up with it yourself, so this must be Maryam and Massoud's new revolution to ask US to attack Iran before Iraq it is better than asking all to get married and bringing more revolutionary kids. You know very well that if Iran plays with US, it will be the end of your status quo in Iraq. All the military camps, prisons and torture sites under Mujahedin Khalgh control have to shut down, where is next stop? Israel? that would be the most permanent one. Actually I believe Rajavis royal familly considered that option before going back to Baghdad from Paris few years back. They will be probably offered a settlement in the west bank with direct highway access to Telavive and a satellite communication satelite to broadcast something Iraq could not offer. It would be nice to have another Bagherzadeh Camp in Israeli occupied Palestine, it will sure make more sense than having it in Iraq.

Who are the terrorists 24.Sep.2002 01:11

Canadian friend

Some of the greatest terrors ever suffered by a country was perpetrated on the Iranian people by the CIA-trained secret police (Savak) who kept the hated American puppet -- the Shah -- feared and hated after the CIA-orchestrated coup against Mohammed Mossadeq, in 1953. Mossadeq had to go because he nationalized his country's oil industry, cutting out the foreign oil barons.
Amnesty Intnl. called Savak's crimes "beyond belief." In 1979, the Iranian people finally rose up against the Shah's (read: The U.S.'s) bloody reign. Unfortunately, they got Khomeini in place of the Shah.

Everything that's happened since -- the US arming & support of Saddam to attack Iran in the 80's, the treacherous trap that drew the Iraqi puppet/dictator into Kuwait -- all of it reaches back to this event and the murderous oil plutocracy that is pushing the whole planet now toward the brink of total disaster.

Throw off the yoke of brainwashing. Wake up. Read your history.