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Critical Mass: Open invitation to City Council

An open invitation to Portland City Council to attend September Critical Mass.
Email sent to:
All members of city council
Portland Tribune
Willamette Week
Portland Mercury
Portland Alliance
Portland Indymedia

Mayor Katz and the Portland City Council,

This message is to invite you to attend the upcoming Critical Mass bike ride through downtown Portland. There is no better way to find out if the participants and the police are behaving non-violently. I am not an organizer of Critical Mass, I am a simply a participant who has read police distortions of events. In order to observe the event in its real form, I urge you not to tell the PPB that you are choosing to attend.

To the media: you are also invited to ride along and see for yourself if the tactics of the police are justified.

I can find bikes and helmets for any member of the city council who wants to attend; simply send me an email before Thursday, September 26th.

The ride forms at 5:30, Friday, September 27th, under the west end of the Burnside Bridge.

I look forward to seeing you and your staff there!
great invite 23.Sep.2002 13:22


excellent invitation to the city council and other city staff. I doubt any will attend, but even if one lower staff member chooses to see what Critical Mass is about and how the police behave, there may be some hope.

some council staff will attend 23.Sep.2002 16:00


We received on a message on the pdxbikes listserve that one of Vera Katz' staff members, Tommy Brooks, will be riding with the Mass. Not sure if any of the others will send staff or attend themselves.

suggestion 23.Sep.2002 17:12

i STILL need training wheels

ride near Tommy in case the police decide to pepper spray (but since it ain't the mayor, they might just pepper spray. i think they would spray city council members cuz they're low-level pawns anyway)

hoping this lovely t-shirt will be available 23.Sep.2002 21:20

i don't know why i call him gerald

hoping this lovely t-shirt will be available
hoping this lovely t-shirt will be available

neat shirt, but 24.Sep.2002 08:38


I think the shirt is cool and clever, but keep in mind it is the police that riots, not the bikers. The shirt is bad PR for the ride.