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Logging is underway at the Peak timber sale in the Rogue River National Forest outside of Prospect, Oregon. Forest defenders continue to occupy platforms in the canopy in defience of closure.
Early monday morning, the Forest Service announced a closure on the Peak timber sale are. Minutes later, loggers entered the forest and began felling trees in an area near tree-sitters occupying the sale.

Mazama Forest Defenders announced a second tree-sit in the Peak timber sale. Officials from the Forest Service and the local media have been notified of the second platform, and yet logging continues, jeopardizing the safety of the forest defenders.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/stoppeak/stoppeak

Please take action today! 23.Sep.2002 13:44



Word in from the forest this morning is that the Peak timber sale in the Rogue River National Forest is being logged. Columbia Helicopters and Roseburg Forest Products crews were seen at the units, and felling began early today. Activists with the Mazama Forest Defenders have been tree sitting at Peak since earlier in the summer.

Peak is a 660 acre native forest that would log 3.9 million board feet of timber. The sale is located in the Upper Rogue River Watershed, just west of Crater Lake National Park. The area is habitat for great grey owl, northern goshawk and the elusive fisher. The Upper Rogue River Watershed Analysis concludes that only 11 percent of the original old-growth forest remains there.

Peak is also part of the infamous "replacement volume" program. When second growth forests in the Coast Range were canceled due to the listing of the marbled murrelet, the timber companies, under the auspices of the Salvage Rider of 1995, were to be given replacement volume of "like kind and value." As we can see, Peak, like Winberry, Slap, Blodgett and East Devil are all old-growth. Second growth for old-growth... another timber grab of the industry.
Speak out against the replacement volume boondoggle!

Carpools out to the forest are leaving Ashland at 5 pm today (Monday) and will be going out over the next few days as well. Contact CFD in Eugene (541-684-8977) and CFA in Portland (503-241-4879) about driving for or getting a ride in carpools from those towns as well.

If you can't make it out to the forest, call the following figures and tell them how you feel about logging more old-growth out by Crater Lake.

SEN. RON WYDEN: 541-858-5122

For more information about the timber sale, contact the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center 541-488-5789

Thank you 23.Sep.2002 15:58


Thank you to all the forest defenders out at Peak. We support you! Even if we can't get down to support you -- you (and the forest) are all in our thoughts.

more numbers to call 23.Sep.2002 16:03

even grumpier

The above number for Wyden is his Eugene office. Here's the DC (202-224-5244) and Portland (503-326-7525) numbers to call as well. Wyden needs to intervene to stop Roseburg Forest Products from destroying even more old growth forests.