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George W Idiot

Look closely at the book the idiot is holding
George W Idiot
George W Idiot
hmmmm? 23.Sep.2002 12:04

Carl Withers icvnus@yahoo.com

can we just call him Homer from now on?

in defense of the pResident 23.Sep.2002 12:29


maybe somebody doctor'd this photo to make him look bad. i mean, the guy's gotta know he's holding the book upside down.

He's wearing a slip 23.Sep.2002 12:54


Zis Mann ist obviously expierincing zum gind of distress, und ist unable to express it openly.

Response to "In defense of the President". 23.Sep.2002 13:33


This picture has been around for awhile and IS NOT doctored. I see that you are having a hard time understanding how Bush could be so unaware, but he is. He is not truly paying attention because he is only sitting for a photo opportunity. If the man truly cared, the book would be right side up.

har har 24.Sep.2002 16:25


ha ha ha ha ha!!! this photo gets better with age.

BTW that book is "America: a Patriotic Primer". Lynne Cheney just wrote it this year. It is a children's book that explains how to be a good little Patriot. Guardian has a good piece on it:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,730431,00.html "S" is for Solute, which is what you do whenever you see an American flag.