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"Commercial advertising usually takes the positive note in normal times . . . But these are not normal times; this is not even a normal war; it's hell's ideal of human catastrophy [sic], so menace and fear motives are a definite part of publicity programs, including the visual."
--Statement on Current Information Objective
Office of Facts and Figures
I have mentioned propaganda in many of my posts. Paranoid and deluded were some nicer things I've been called. The word itself shows its effect. During ww2 Our propaganda dept., used it as a hate label for the nazis use of it, denoted monsterous lies for evil intentions. Now stereotyped it is referred to publically as "spin" which is a lite weight word for an enormously powerful tool. It is part of our culture and most news we get.
It has been used by those with power to get more power for a very long time. It has been used to rally a nation, and used to subjigate a people. It sells "icecubes to eskimos" and guilt to victims. Villans are saints or victims or both. If Julius Caesar knew and Hitler knew all in power know. A few rules and an "enemy" to start it ,only a calamity can stop what it unleashes.
The aim of all propaganda is gain for those using it and loss for the target group (enemy).  http://www.holocaustchronicle.org/ is a graphic result of its use. It shows examples of the visual tools the nazi's used and a day by day account of suffering inflicted as a result of that and other types of propaganda. The Jews were an economic target not the social danger depicted to get their wealth.

Hitler was the last to be given total power. He sold the need for it with propaganda. Once his critics were erased Propaganda became "truth". It reduced millions to smoke and ash. Propaganda made the nazi's and helped defeat them.

All stops have been pulled since 9-11. Spin, counter spin, new unknown enemies. A War on Terror was declared. Terrorism only works with fear.
Without the news scaring us with impending attack from anywhere, and the sabre rattling from bush.corp. I see no other terror. An unexplained delay of over a year will make solving 9-11 unlikely. There are too many holes in the "official" version to permit that.
Enron was built with spin and little else. The timing of 9-11 was fortuitous. Those $100s of billions buy lots of "truth". A year to hide the money trail and do damage control

We should all know the basics since our government never releases any info without "spinning" it first. Since the cold war, major media has to report the official line.
Rules and tools , if you see these in a news story, beware. If the story is front page and repeated for days and contains these , you may lose faith. This is never done unless something is going be lost. In peace time that would be money, freedom, or truth itself. Who gained and lost or what changed hidden in the spin. dirty bomber says it all.

create a negative stereotype.....organized crime..black street gang..foreign terrorist, pedophile priest, thought criminal, ruthless dictator.

present opinion as fact....the nation is worried...attack is inevitable...

masking opinions through sources...a talking head "expert" or quoting a "foreign source"

value-loaded terminology....weapons of mass destruction..known militant..... axis of evil, dirty bomber, pedophile priest, freedom fighter, left wing, white supremicist. war on terror, plot, suspect and lately activist and demonstrator are linked to the negative.

Selective presentation of fact....Violent Crimes are up...without mentioning better reporting of domestic assaults and excessive force complaints against police are way up. Growth of a problem without mentioning cuts in funding.

Information-management..!!!!!.fill the news with sensational crime storys like pedophile priests, serial killers, and child abduction to the exclusion of others. Like corporate crime, securitys fraud and questionable legislation.

Undocumented sources of authority...it is said..many people think...unnamed sources tell us..reliable sources and "corroberated" statements...independent sources have learned.

Stripping fact from its context...a variation on the tool above which links unrelated "facts" together by running them together in a story....a story on ambulance crash deaths includes numbers of people who expire in ambulances other ways. Links on news sites can put 2 propaganda stories together for effect. dirty bomber /pedophile priest ran for weeks. The % of priests who are pedophiles compared to enormity of the coverage and disregard for millions of catholics (the victims) gives pause. Or in naming or speaking of something. Save our forests, patriot act, war on drugs, homeland security, peace in the middle east are some. War on terror

selective interviewing...exclude, condemn or broaden the scope of opinions.

The dirty bomber story is pure propaganda. For days it was headlines. The "explosive" headlines don't match the story . At stake is what Bush.corp demanded from Congress after 9-11. Power to snatch anyone and dispose of them.
Padilla was carefully chosen. He fit multiple stereotypes. Every rule and tool was used to hammer the headline until the facts no longer mattered. His being a citizen was withheld until after the spin set in, occasional spin ties him to the headline. War Powers "needed" and the constant terrorizing of the populace are to get the ultimate power. And little else.
So effective was the propaganda, a poll on the christian science monitors website gave 2 choices, death or life in prison. I took a stand on that right away. You'd think I killed the pope. dgov has backed off on all the original spin, but still hold him.
Just the attempt to gain that power should scare the hell out of everyone. The first "enemies" Hitler murdered were editorial writers, and those who opposed his getting that power. The first concentration camp had 15,000 christian democrats as test subjects for the labor and death camps to follow.
The first to die where ever the nazi's went, were voices of opposition.
Thinking the flukes in power wouldn't do the same is a dangerous fantasy.

victims become villans and vice versa. Laws are sold that enrich their sponsors at the expense of everyone else. The target( enemy) has to survive, so the spin never stops, the cash keeps rolling in. Greed trumps reason.
2 good examples are Reagan's "war" on drugs, and Clinton's "war" on crime.
 http://www.drugsense.org/wodclock.htm prisons now hold 1,000,000 more people than before while education and treatment budgets have been gutted.
cocaine costs 1/3 as much, and enough for a novel on. $160,000,000,000 is spent on all aspects not shown on the clock. Profits keeping the spin alive.
100,000 new cops hired under clinton's "war" plan increased property seizures, parking ticktets, abuse complaints,lawsuits and violence ststs.
Cops are responders to crime. Hiring more to fight crime is like hiring ambulance drivers to cure cancer. Property seizures have made the company that does this the largest slum lords in america.  http://www.apfn.org/apfn/rule.htm

Fantasy is made into fact. Just prove it. 10-14 days of bombardment makes anything "fact" when media is controlled. Everything else is controversy.

Gearing the nation up for ww2 was critical. Propaganda was used to motivate, and help defeat a real enemy in a real war. Below are my selective presentations of text from the archive web site. I will include 1 image and a link to the rest.

Images are the simplest tool to convey meaning. Expert design, by some of the best, turns an image into control, motivation, willingness to suffer and even die. 11 posters created for our government during ww2 are displayed with pre-spun info that at least will show our government uses it and calls it PROPAGANDA.


.....more subtle forms of warfare as well. Words, posters, and films wage a constant battle for the hearts and minds of the American citizenry just as surely as military weapons engaged the enemy. Persuading the American public became an industry, almost as important as the manufacturing of bullets and planes. The Government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign with clearly articulated goals and strategies to galvanize public support, and it recruited some of the nation's foremost intellectuals, artists, and filmmakers to wage the war on that front.

Public relations specialists advised the U.S. Government that the most effective war posters were the ones that appealed to the emotions. The posters shown here played on the public's fear of the enemy.

The images depict Americans in imminent danger-their backs against the wall, living in the shadow of Axis domination.

Many of the fear-inspiring posters depicted Nazi acts of atrocity. . The images here were composed to foster fear. Implicit in these posters is the idea that what happened there could happen here.

During World War II, the Government "alerted citizens" to the presence of enemy spies and saboteurs lurking just below the surface of American society." Turn in your neighbor for "unamerican" activities was encouraged.

How To Portray Germany

Under their system, the individual is a cog in a military machine, a cipher in an economic despotism; the individual is a slave. These facts are documented in the degradation and suffering of the conquered countries, whose fate is shared equally by the willing satellites and the misguided appeasers of the Axis.
--Government Information Manual for the Motion Picture Industry
Office of War Information


Passage of the Smith-Mundt Act in 1948, which formally outlined the government's post-war global information and cultural exchange intentions, and President Truman's call for a "Campaign of Truth" to fight the Cold War in 1950, revitalized the entire propaganda operation, including visual activities within the Division of International Press and Publications (INP), later to be known as the International Press Service (IPS) and, still later, the Press and Publications Service. Once USIA was established as a separate entity in 1953, an International Press Service already well-organized to direct visual information at populations with low literacy rates (to communicate, as one USIA photographer strategically based in Vietnam later put it, "in a language which everyone everywhere in the world understands -- pictures") became a core unit in the new agency, and would figure prominently in USIA operations through the next four decades.

examples of over doing the news 9-22-02

http;//www.archives.gov the hoard


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