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How are we really going to stop the PJTTF?

....when we packed city council, standing room only, two weeks in a row to voice opposition to PJTTF....
....and then all of a sudden we had a PJTTF.

Lesson learned?(ie packing city hall doesn't stop there from being a PJTTF?) Apparently not. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying people shouldn't speak out against PJTTF, creating a climate of vocal public opposition is GOOD. I am not intending to trash anyone else's organizing. What worries me is whether or not any strategizing is going on the that analyzes the situation from the follow perspective:

We are going (I hope I get proved wrong, but I very seriously doubt that I will) to have a PJTTF to contend with next year, no matter how many people show up for city council and no matter how eloquent their arguments are. Therefore we should be organizing an some course of action which confronts the PJTTF itself (as opposed to City Council).

The PJTTF is made up of people who have names and addresses.

Just food for thought
Do Not Go Quiet into that Dark Night 18.Sep.2002 19:19

Kyr Westwind truth2power@griffinsforge.com

We pack City Council Chambers because to fail to do do would not only be complicity through silence, it would also be an act of cowardice.

We fill that room, show our faces, make our voices heard, take a stand and refused to be defeated because we know we are right and we know we will eventually win. It is one tool in a vast tool box. The existance of the JTTF is not a failure, or an excuse to give up, it is but one more challenge.

When good people struggling for civil rights in the 1960's were hosed, tear gased, beaten, jailed, even killed: year after year, for _many_ years, those good people refused defeat, refused fear, refused to be silenced. As quickly as they were swept up by police, more would arrive to stand in their place. Many died: still more came to stand in their place. Biko, King, so many others fell, STILL the concil chambers, court rooms, streets filled with voices that would not be hushed.

Our history if full of times when things got bad, when the darkness seemed impenetrable, and our history is filled with good people who refused defeat, refused fear, refused to be silenced: it is because of them that we have the civil rights we now fight to keep, it is because of _us_ that the generations to come will have the rights (perhaps more liberties then we can imagin) that they will fight to keep.

Do not go quiet into that dark night, rage, RAGE at the dieing of the light.

The Damn Thing Will Get Approved 18.Sep.2002 21:53

Agent Vera

Just so folks know, the thing is going to pass. Everyone should know that. All of those losers at City Hall have expressed support, and it will probably pass unanimously.

So what to do at the meeting?

Lots of folks will want to testify, and should be able to. But should we even bother taking this thing seriously? I kinda think we should make a mockery of the proceedings (since the whole thing's a mockery anyway). Can anyone make some big posters out of that Vera Katz photo from the Tribune article on police spying (last Friday's edition). Maybe write "Terrorist" across it--encourage the JTTF to go after this dangerous criminal named "Linda Katz".

Or maybe we should peacefully disrupt the meeting--force Vera to "clear the room", like she has threatened to so many times before.

Whatever folks want to do, they should do it. Don't let the City Council use us as extras in their production of "democracy".

if 1000 people show up to testify 19.Sep.2002 09:59


then the meeting could take a month or more! claim your two minutes

plus it feels damn good to give them a piece of your mind when they are a captive audience and have to at least be in the room

be creative - be free - be audacious!