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Maxxam taking out 200 truckloads a day from the Mattole: injuction being ignored

MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber is now taking out 200 truckloads a day in a frenzy to get as much as it can before federal authorities enforce the injunction.

I am in the Mattole Valley for a few days. From a family member I heard that the recent 3 week old injunction to prevent the felling of timber by MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber is being completely ignored by the California Department of Forestry (CDF) and the state and local law enforcement agencies. She said that at least 200 truckloads a day of old growth are being hauled off in a frenzy of cutting before the Federal authorities finally enforce the injuction.
She also said that the tree sitters are moving constantly to prevent the clear-cutting.

We arrived late at the Redwoods and chose to continue our journey to Honeydew the next day. During the time we were sleeping off the side of the road we heard many speeding trucks. On the way to Honeydew we saw several trucks with mixed old-growth and younger trees pass - perhaps an indication that Maxim is taking everything it can get its hands on? Its obvious "thinning" has been a whitewash.

Today and tomorrow hearings will be held concerning the injunction.

Call or write the CDF office to protest this outrageous disregard of a lawful injunction. Obviously some laws are selectively being ignored. as others, particularly those that involve protest, are being enforced.

Director, Andrea E. Tuttle 1416 9th Street
PO 944246

Better yet, instead of trying to talk to an unresponsive agency, you can suppport the efforts of the treesitters:

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters 2530 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, California 94702
(510) 548-3113

Story at SF Indymedia on the efforts: http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2002/09/146878.php