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Women In Black Buffalo No War On Iraq

WOMEN IN BLACK / Buffalo, 9 14 02 NO WAR ON IRAQ: Among the voices for peace, Linda Schneekloth's: "In the name of democracy, we must try to stop the war before it starts...Perhaps the axis of evil is our own president, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft - rather than those nations George Bush has named..." 7 min.
Women In Black  Buffalo  No War On Iraq
Women In Black Buffalo No War On Iraq

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sorry sobbers 18.Sep.2002 11:54


What war?

We are not at war.

Give a break.

Find another "cause"

sorry, bubba... 18.Sep.2002 12:38

twilight youth

we have been in an info war for over 50 years.

eyes, ears and minds work best when open (mouths are another story).

Not loyal to your president 18.Sep.2002 15:29


Where have you been hiding, Bubba? President Bush and Vice President Ashcroft and the chickenhawks say there's a war on, an ENDLESS WAR ON EVIL!! They keep telling us we are at war over and over again. And the regime has been bombing Iraq for years now, and ramping it up over the past few weeks. If you happen to be Muslim, it probably feels like war, especially if you're one of those kids who are American citizens who are holed up in a brig somewhere without being charged, and with no lawyer, who can't see his family. Or one of the medical students, also American citizens, who can't go back to medical school because of the hate campaign promoted by the regime and their propaganda machine. But hey, we don't need doctors anymore anyway. Keep your head down and your eyes open , Bubba, because you're getting buffaloed. And remember what happened to those unfortunate animals.