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War protestors disrupt Congressional hearing

The power of a few...
War protestors disrupt Congressional hearing
War protestors disrupt Congressional hearing

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DIVIDED WE WILL ALL FALL 18.Sep.2002 12:00


The power?

What are you talking about?

These people have no clue what we are up against!

Have you not heard people are out to kill us the United States citizen and they do not care about your little political causes one bit!

{{{ (Link:  http://www.drudgereport.com/flash1.htm ) DRUDGE REPORT - - ALERT AS NUCLEAR BOMBS GO MISSING }}}

People this is serious stuff. We can play Saddam shell game of hide the nuke tell one goes off in our back yard is that what you want?

Do you forget we were attacked!

Remember 9/11


If Matt Drudge reports it, it's gotta be TRUE 18.Sep.2002 13:27

George Liqour, American

Uh, yep. Matt Drudge represents the epitome of accuracy in the media. Uh huh, you betcha. Wanna buy a bridge? I can get you a nice deal on the Burnside, trollboy or did you mean to write BUSH (HAS) ROCKS (IN HIS HEAD)?

We were attacked by whom? 18.Sep.2002 14:20

Normal Patriotic Guy who is pissed off.

Dear Mr Bush Rocks.

Yes we were attacked, and yes we should go after our attackers and the people that allowed this to happen and the people that profitted for this attack.

Now then, what at all does this have to do with Iraq?

If you were truly interested in going after the attackers, you would go after Gen. Mahmud of Pakistan, Mayo Shattuck III of the Alex Brown (A.B.) unit of Deutschebank, the FBI hacks that stopped Colleen Rowley et al, the Isrealis who video taped the whole thing and the US Military Bio-terror folks.

While you were at it, you would go after Norad for the stand down.

Great courage 18.Sep.2002 17:07


Thank you, people with the banner, for resisting the mighty men in uniform and for speaking the truth. Opposition is our only hope.

Mr. Rocks, how is Iraq involved in the September 11 murders? How will the world look after the Bush regime smokes the Middle East and kills Saddam, our installed dictator of an earlier war? Might the Islamic fundamentalists see the destruction of Saddam as an opportunity to install someone in Iraq? Do you think that attacking Iraq more publically and with more powerful weapons will reduce the US' chance of being targeted for more "terrorism"? Do you think the Iraqi people will fall into line under another American puppet? Who's got the most nukes? What makes you think the US regime won't use them? Are you afraid? Be very afraid! The government is blowing smoke in your ass. Get behind the people who are keeping up with what's happening, and turn off that TV!

This is really whack, but roll with it 18.Sep.2002 17:51


The terrorists created terror, ok; they did it - consider it done. Now what do we creat in return? The onus is on us to create the economic and cultural field of our future, not on the terrorists to create a dystopic future-space for us to enter into.

Maybe we do have a clue 18.Sep.2002 20:13


-The power? What are you talking about? These people have no clue what we are up against!-

My friend, just because they don't regurgitate the ChenBushCo rhetoric, doesn't mean they don't know what is going on. ChenBushCo has obviously filled you with fear with their constant barrage of propaganda. I feel for ya. The fuckers used to be able to bullshit me as well, although it's been years. They have you dancing to their tune.

Yes, it is a scary world right now. Yes, it is hard to tell the liars from the real people. If you have been a good American all of your life and always done what you thought was right, then you naturally assume that your elected officials have done the same. It is extremely hard to imagine that people could be so evil, because you yourself are good, and you both wear the same jersey. There are good republicans, good dems, good cops, good people everywhere. Most of us want to be good, and see our team players as good people. Unfortunately, running this country is not a team sport. It is a job for people who care about other people, rather than oil and unfettered capitalism.

They have us yelling at each other like we are at a football game sideline. While they laugh all the way to the bank. They don't care what they call themselves. Dems, Repubs, Greens, Reds, it doesn't matter to them, as long as they can conquer and divide by political party. Then they only have to fight half, or less of us to get their way. ChenBushCo would turn Dem tomorrow if it guaranteed the status quo. They have no party, aside from the oil party. But they have you thinking they care about you.

--Have you not heard people are out to kill us the United States citizen and they do not care about your little political causes one bit!--

Now, are you talking about Enron, or GE, or Zionism, or Iraq, or who? Maybe you are talking about the CIA, who trained and outfitted Osama? Why don't we put the blame squarely where it belongs. Wall Street and their secret police force, the CIA. Yes, they will kill you. You have a far greater chance of getting killed because of the CIA than you do from a poor Iraqi peasant. If you want to be safe from the crazy's in this world, then don't give them guns, training, money and motive, as the CIA has. Treat your neighbor as you want to be treated.

And I must disagree with your assumption that other people in the world don't care about our politics. Most have the same politics as we, especially the poor peace doves. As 95% of all poor people are doves. They want the CIA to quit destroying their governments and murdering their elected officials. We do too. They want the Pentagon to quit the 30,000 foot gentleman bombing that kills their children by the hundreds of thousands. We do too. They want Wall Street to leave their natural resources alone, or pay fairly for them. We do too. They want Nike to quit using them like slaves and then throwing them away, wasted, tired and broken hearted. We do too. They want Enron, the World Bank, the Bush Family, Exxon, The Rockafelons, GE, Halliburton/Brown&Root, fuckin' Coca Cola and Marlboro, to name a very small few, to give back the billions that were stolen from them. We do too.

You see, we are in perfect alignment with their political causes. That is why our govt, our FBI, their CIA, and Wall Street spend so much time and energy trying to discredit us. We threaten to cost them hundreds of billions in stolen natural resources from other countries. And that is why we must be made to look like fringe kooks. But in reality, my friend, we are part of a world wide majority, who don't watch CBS, NBC CNN, and toe the ChenBushCo line. I am not the least bit afraid of an Iraqi. I have yet to be hurt by anyone from the middle east. The CIA is pickin' all of the fights, and we suffer for them. As well as completely innocent people all over the world. I am not afraid of them. I am afraid of us. Their political causes are the same as ours. We have nothing to fear from them.

--{{{ (Link:  http://www.drudgereport.com/flash1.htm ) DRUDGE REPORT - - ALERT AS NUCLEAR BOMBS GO MISSING }}} People this is serious stuff. We can play Saddam shell game of hide the nuke tell one goes off in our back yard is that what you want?--

Pure propaganda. You will never hear another word about it, most likely. But it will keep your fear level up there where they want it. Don't be their bitch. Think for yourself. Do you honestly think the Russians accidentally left the door unlocked and a bunch of brown skinned devils carried 200 nukes off? Have you seen the security around those places? What a crock of shit. CIA bullshit covered with gravy, muh man.

---Do you forget we were attacked! Remember 9/11 WAKE UP. DIVIDED WE WILL ALL FALL---

You said it. And you are 100% right. The CIA got us attacked. Wall Street got us attacked. ChenBushCo got us attacked. The fucking Clintons got us attacked. That's what I will remember about 9/11. The poor people who died for Wall Street. The chickens came home to roost in the wrong hen house. Innocent people died, just like they die in Iraq. The proper hen house was located in a gated community called Jupiter Island, Florida. Check that out.

We are awake. And I'll tell ya, buddy, if we don't get out of this team sport mentality, and take care of this country that belongs to us, we are going to loose it. Not from the outside, but from within. I wish you a peaceful mind, and lots of happiness.

Oregon Back Woods

Medea rocks! 19.Sep.2002 02:14

rumsfeld is a cock

Medea Benjamin kicks ass! I have been in love with her (figuratively) since the first Nader event in Portland in 2000.

Power? What power? 19.Sep.2002 02:28


No offense, but the power of what? A few yahoos breaking into a meeting isn't going to change anybody's mind.

If a few anti-abortion zealots break into a congressional hearing on birth control education or something like that with banners of dead babies, is abortion suddenly going to become illegal?


A mass movement does not one person with a banner make.


Force more powerful 19.Sep.2002 09:33


Dear Chris-
"One person with a banner" makes a huge difference, most especially when she's standing behind the powerful men in suits and when this act of resistance is carried on corporate media. Please stay hopeful and focused, and don't give up!

and one more thing 19.Sep.2002 09:40


Chris, those posters of dead babies have had a huge impact on public support of abortion, whethe you agree with the right-to-lifers of not. The publicity is effective.

Had to cut off watching the video 19.Sep.2002 12:58


It's a GREAT video - to see her stand up so bravely and do that! - but once Rumsfeld started talking I was thinking how insane it is, him talking about Iraq throwing out the inspectors when it was the US using the inspections to spy! Every site they inspected got bombed in the past. So I cut it short. I can't even watch TV anymore, its all so hypocritical and fake.