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Zippers abound

a visit to the Computers for Ecuador project revealed where many of the notorious FREE ZIPPERS from SE Division ended up...
Recently, FREE ZIPPERS appeared in Portland for anyone to take. Being the intrepid reporter that I am -- and sensitive to the criticism that media doesn't follow up on important issues -- I hit the streets to find out what happened to some of the zippers. I stopped by Free Geek and found that I'd fallen into a veritable den of zippers.

This young man sewed zippers into the pockets of his jacket. He'd been wanting to make this repair for some time and was pleased as punch to get zippers for free.

This young woman wore a zipper as a choker. Quite fetching, isn't it?

This gentleman wore a zipper like a tail. He did not want his face shown and I suspect he might be a Zipperist!

Wanting to spread the joy globally, the activists are sending a box of the zippers to Ecuador along with the computers. Note them in the photo above.

The sudden appearance of so many zippers in Portland was bound to have an effect that won't truly be understood for years, maybe decades. Historians might look back at these days and understand them as the start of a sea-change that swept across the country, bringing positive change -- and free zippers! -- to all. In the meantime, check back here, at portland indymedia, for more updates as this story unfolds.

viva zipperistas! 18.Sep.2002 20:16


zipperistas son divertisimos. zipperistas hacen trabaja buena. viva zipperistas!