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Computers for Ecuador depart from Portland

Yay! After two weeks of hard work, tech and indymedia activists complete 70 computers to send to Ecuador

After two weeks of hard work, tech and indymedia activists here in Portland completed and sent off 70 machines for the Computers For Ecuador project. The project was started by activists in the San Francisco Bay Area, who have been building computers in Oakland at the same time, with the help of the Alameda County Computer Resource Center. BIG PROPS to Free Geek, here in town, which donated the equipment. MORE PROPS to all the folks who helped with this project, from Free Geek, portland indymedia, and the community, at least two dozen in all, who put in hours and hours of labor, often until the wee hours of the morning. Folks who knew nothing about computer hardware or installing operating systems (like me) learned tons and had a great time doing it. Ever had to deal with 'kernel panic'? I don't want to get into the details, but let me tell you, it's a character-building experience.

The computers are bound for Ecuador, where the FTAA Summit of the Americas is taking place at the end of October and protests are planned. The technology is intended to help empower activists there with media work and community organizing. So when you read news from the anti-corporate globalization demonstrations in Quito next month, you can think to yourself, 'maybe these words were typed on a FreekBox from Portland'!

The computers that we sent are older machines, considered too slow to use in this country. However, with the lightweight Linux operating system installed, they perform quite admirably. Also, this project extended the life of the equipment, keeping it out of landfills for a bit longer. Computer equipment is toxic, and 'e-waste' is becoming a serious issue.

PDX activists hope to repeat this project in the future, but with people needing computers who are closer to home. Stay tuned to portland indymedia for details. If you didn't get involved this time, you'll have another chance!

Kernel Panic 18.Sep.2002 10:19

rsklnkv rsklnkv@houseofthedead.org

Good to see that some form of *nix was used, I'm gonna guess linux (?). Way to go everyone!
BTW: There is a new project for local kids here in Portland starting up soon. Check out the newest Computer Bits magazine for info. See you there!


That's just great! 18.Sep.2002 12:01

mad republican madrepublican@hotmail.com

Ohhhh, That's just great!

Now all the Commie/socialists in that country will have "subversive secrets" buried in the hard-drives of the computers that the Anarchists have sent them from the good ol' USA!

I think these people need food, housing, and other basics of life...instead of giving them stuff...that most villages don;t even have the power for!

Great! now they can surf Latino Porn Sites, and bring another crushing blow from the big brother up north to them!

Oh well, and the beat goes on....

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I'm not just another Fascist! I am the Mad Republican!
It's just words...don;t take it so personally!

Peace Bro'!

Whatever 18.Sep.2002 20:44


You may be a mad republican, but you're also an idiot. Glad to know what your main uses are for the internet, but the people in Ecquador have more important issues on their minds. Yes, like food and housing and not dying at the hands of U.S. funded mercenaries. Computers will help them communicate and organize to counter the criminal regimes suppressing them, including the completely corrupt imperialist U.S.

Climb back under your rock and beat off to more of those porn sites you like so much.