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Defiant Santa Cruz Distributes Medical Marijuana

Santa Cruz citizens tell the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to get the "Drug War" out of the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM).

Shown here is Santa Cruz Mayor Christopher Krohn.
Defiant Santa Cruz Distributes Medical Marijuana
Defiant Santa Cruz Distributes Medical Marijuana
Full coverage on Santa Cruz IMC:


homepage: homepage: http://www.wamm.org
address: address: Santa Cruz

Up Against The Wall....Mother----- 18.Sep.2002 12:25

Mad Republican madrepublican@hotmail.com

Hey its always 4:20 somewhere!

Now all you Potheads really do not want to make Mary J legal do you?

Considering how many "indoor" growers we have in the Rose City, and Oregon in general. That would mean it would not be profitable for you to grow no more!

Then Lord forbid, you would have to get a legit job, and actually have to go to work!

Then all the "grow" stores would have to shut down, cause' the big businesses would take over, and the cost of your "blunt" would be about the same price of a pack of cigs!

Also, the government would tax the hell out of it, and you would be indirectly supporting King Bush'e war over in the Middle-East!

Think about it! Are you that brain-dead to want legal pot? Have you been drinkin' bong water? Sure it would be just a hoot to walk down in Pioneer Square toking a big joint....but that is already happening!

And as far as the Medical aspect of it...they get the dope one way or the other already...so no diff.

It's a nice ideal, to have it legal...but from a business perspective, from all the indoor growers, and the ones who utilize the forests for a little covert growing, it just ain't good business! And harvest-time is almost here!

And this from a Republican?????

visit me @


email me @


This is about the only thing that I am super-liberal about.
My website will boil all youse Anarchists blood, so be forewarned!

Light one up for me bro'
It's just words...don't take it so personally!

Here's the link! 22.Jan.2004 20:37


After Santa Cruz Indymedia upgraded from "Active" to "dadaIMC" all the hotlinks that were linked from other sites became broken ;(
So, here is the correct link to "Defiant Santa Cruz Distributes Medical Marijuana"

Little Naive 30.Jul.2004 05:02


Mad republican, you fail to realize the ignorance of your comments. It is not the growers that are speaking out, they are trying to keep a low profile, as it is a felony, and getting caught may get your house seized, your car impounded, etc etc. NO it's the users that are wanting legalization. People like me that are tired of paying $100 for a week or two's worth of pot, the family members, the officials, the business owners, they are all doing it, some groups more than others. It is not limited to any ethnicity or too any government or too any economic position. Too many people smoke weed, for it too be such a crime as it is now. It is a victimless crime, and without media hype it is a VICTIMLESS crime. We should be more interested in prohibition of Methamphetamines, and all those other "bad drugs", insteading of going after the most commonly used and accepted drug. If a police officer pulls me over and catches me with a bag of weed and I get a fine, you know what he may talk about all the bad choices I'm making, and you know what at the end of the day he may go home and toke up himself. If the people that responsibly smoke pot, werent afraid of what drug acceptance would cause as far as people who are irresponsible, we would of had legalization a LONG time ago. The debate is similiar to alcohol, and you know what at one time Alcohol was EVIL just as Mariajuana is EVIL now. You get someone in a car messed up on alcohol, and someone may die. You get someone going to school high on drugs and they may fail a class. But you know what, that shit happens anyways, just cause some people choose to be irresponsible, doesnt mean others should take the blame. I can smoke Marijuana socially just like a lot of other people can and do, without getting this media "hook" we keep talking about. I can smoke a few bowls with my friends. Then wait for a few months to pass and do it again, how is this so LIFE threatening. Out of responsibility I limit my usage of marijuana, but its such a victimless crime, and such a peaceful drug, that people should be able to smoke it every day of the week. You have the right to be an alcoholic, you have the right to smoke a pack of ciggerettes everyday, why shouldnt you have the right to smoke a bowl, it would be silly to say that Marijuana doesnt cause respiratory damage, as do ciggerettes, but you know what, as a community we accept the role these substances play in our lives, and now it is time for us to accept people are going to put whatever they want in their body, regardless of laws or opinion. The war on drugs is unwinnable, and as far as I'm concerned a lose lose situation. We arent going to stop using drugs cause you illegalize it. It was very naive of the government, who has so little financial interest in stopping drugs, even though they CANT. Catching these "thug drug dealers" costs THOUSANDS, not too mention everytime they catch one, three new people take that persons position and enjoy the extra business, almost thanking the government. Why don't we quit worrying about what it will do to prices, and all that small talk, and give us our right as Americans, to do whatever we want to our own bodies, and don't tell me we don't have that right,when there is a dude somewhere out there that doesnt want a dick, and in which case he can have a pussy in todays society, and thats LEGAL. But smoking some peaceful bud isnt.