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Portland IMC Rocks

Why I think Portland IMC Rocks.
If somehthings happens and I need to get the word out I can.

If I want to announce an event to activists I can.

If something happens that i would want to know about like say a Dock Strike...
I'll surely read it the moment it happens on IMC.

The IMC has become an excellent organizers tool. The internet is a way that information can be distributed in a fast and large manner. I don't know if you've read about the fall of rome, but it was in a time when information could be exchanged easily....The easier information can be exchanged the easier the systems in place will fumble.

This webpage needs to keep moving they way it is going. any attempt to slow, alter, disrupt, or even shutdown IMC is bad, no one should stand for it, I will not construe whether any activity that is "cointelpro" but i will not let our community stand for cointelproesque activities be them by citizens or the feds.

phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton

agree ten thousand percent 18.Sep.2002 00:40


yes, Portland IMC is the one of the most effective, flexibly organized, and responsive of all.

i also like the incisive and beneficial commentary that is frequently posted by PDX Indymedia users in response to a wide range of stories and coverage.

this is a subjective opinion, but--

it just seems like PDX Indymedia staff and users have a specially effective kind of radiance--positive, collective attitude--which doesn't openly emanate from the other IMCs.

FIGHT the powers that BE!
agree ten thousand percent
agree ten thousand percent

I agree about the radiance! 19.Sep.2002 09:27


Down here in Oaktown CA we're constantly harrassed by right wing nutcases that post gory pictures and, in some cases when they get particularly angry, constant threats of violence against posters.

This may have to do with the set-up of 'View Latest Comments' section as opposed to the comments part being listed on the front page like you have up in Portland.

But also I'm guessing it has to do with the region - probably Portland isn't as known for having so many gays, so right-wingers who hate gays don't go looking to attack as much here either.

But also - for instance, the discussion with KBOO people on here just before the A22 protest was great, and you'd never have that with KPFA down here. KPFA didn't even cover our protest on the Golden Gate Bridge, if you can imagine that.

So you guys are just more cool up there all around.

Another excellent IMC - Washington DC. Check it out. Also, some of the Canadian sites are good, since there's often major protests going on there.