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Eugene business, Rejuvenation Spa, operated by White Supremacists

Rejuvenation Spa on 11th and Charnelton in Eugene is owned by the Hartmann family, well known white supremacists.
Rita "Ann" Hartmann (alias Elinor Cameron), owner of Rejuvenation Spa in Eugene is the president of the Northern Foundation and the director of Real Women of Canada. Her husband, Paul Hartmann was a member of Cornerstone Alliance (he is now deceased). Her son, Eric Hartmann, is a member of the Heritage Front. All of the above named groups are nazi, white supremacy groups. In 1974, Paul man was treasurer of the openly neo-Nazi Western Guard. In those years Paul was known as the "High Priest" of the Revolutionary Odinist Movement, which he described as an "Aryan" religion and a "New Order for our White People". He is also reported to have worked with the Ku Klux Klan at that time.

Rejuvenation Spa, at the very least, should be boycotted. Eric Hartmann is a well known and respected herbalist (maybe not anymore!) in the community. I was shocked to find all this out, but unfortunately it is true. Seeing his name and his mothers name in the neo-right directory (see below) was enough to convince me to stay far far away from Rejuvenation Spa and make sure everyone I know does too. It's crazy that this business, supposedly a welcoming, healthy and healing environment, is run by nazi's.

Check it out for yourself....

"Neo-Right Directory":  http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/people/w/wayne-linda/canada-right.html (scroll to Hartmann)
the Heritage Front web page:  http://www.freedomsite.org/hf/
web site of hatred:  http://www.freedomsite.org
photo of Ann Hartmann and story by Eugene Weekly last January:  http://www.rejuv.org/body_back_into_balance_-_eugene_wee.html

i've met rita - she's strange 17.Sep.2002 20:31


tell me, how do you know about this? is it the same person?

I worked for Rita Anne.... 17.Sep.2002 20:59


I worked for Rita Anne awhile back, and while I was definitely uncomfortable with some of the so called "healing" practices and business transactions at Rejuvenation Spa, this statement takes my concerns about the facility to a whole new level. I would like to know where you've gotten your info. These comments you've posted could be very harmful to her reputation as a healer in Eugene and although I find the info totally believable, it would be nice to know about the validity of the statement before a boycott is enacted.

yeah right, Vera Katz is a "nazi" too 18.Sep.2002 14:57


Holy shit, you guys make right-wing paranoids look rational, you'll concoct any type of "Nazi scare" you can, your post is simply ridiculous and fabricated. The whole paranoid conspricay crap all over this site is amazing, and you have the audacity to think we are "kooks", haha. And really, if they do a good service, who gives a flying fuck? Fucking pathetic is what it is and only worth a laugh...

Rejuvenation 18.Sep.2002 21:08

Susan Smith

I had worked for Rejuvenation for a long time. Many times I had seen Rita Anne help many people free of charge. She has always been a very kind loving person when I observed her. If she is a nazi why does she have so many friends who are jewish, african american, etc. Is someone trying to sabotage her. Maybe the Canadian government dislikes that she speaks her truth.

article about the Hartmann family 19.Sep.2002 16:50


this excerpt from an article found on the "Anti-Racist Action" website is particularly disturbing. For the full text go to:


Despite lies to the contrary, several key people of C-FAR and CAFE are not even just "fringe right" reactionaries, but are out-and-out Nazi sympathizers. One example: Paul Hartmann. At one point a director of both CAFE and C-FAR, in 1974 this man was treasurer of the openly neo-Nazi Western Guard. In those years Hartmann was known as the "High Priest" of the Revolutionary Odinist Movement, which he described as an "Aryan" religion and a "New Order for our White People". He is also reported to have worked with the Ku Klux Klan at that time.

After the Western Guard dissolved in 1980s, Hartmann joined Fromm and others in founding CAFE. In 1984, he become a director of this organization. He also joined the Cornerstone Alliance, a group which championed "traditional values". Founded by a former cop, the Alliance's advisory committee included Fromm, Harry F. Barrett of CAFE and John Gamble of the Canadian Freedom Foundation.

In 1984 Hartmann became a director of C-FAR, where he had the job of introducing right-wing visitors to Toronto activists. Such visiting bigshots included Major General J. Singlaub, Peter Worthington of the Sun newspaper chain, and former South African ambassador Glenn Babb. The Norwegian-born Hartmann remained with the anti-immigrant C-FAR until his sudden and mysterious death in 1986.

Paul's death didn't stop his wife Anne Hartmann, who remains politically active on the far-right with the anti-feminist group REAL Women. She is also a key figure in the pro-apartheid Northern Foundation, several of whose officials maintain ties to the Heritage Front.


The truth 19.Sep.2002 21:29

Rita Anne Hartmann ritaannehartmann@lycos.com

I am the person you have villified without checking the facts. Please read the truth at  http://ritaannehartmann.tripod.com, and then let us all get back to community building and peace. Rita Anne Hartmann

Legal Action 20.Feb.2004 16:07

John S. Woodworth john.woodworth@worldnet.att.net

My name is John S. Woodworth. I am an attorney in Eugene, Oregon and am in the initial phase of investigating the origin of a multidue of defamatory remarks and libelous statements made about my client, Eric Hartmann and his mother Rita Ann Hartmann.

Unfounded allegations such as those found above are devastating to those whom are targeted. Please assist me make this horrible campaign of harrassment end by providing me with any information you have regarding the origin of the above comments.

I can be reached at (541) 687-1913.

Thank you.

The Power of Government 10.Mar.2004 22:43

Rita Anne Hartmann ritaannehartmann@lycos.com

As my original Tripod site was taken down, here is a short version of what it said: I was active in a movement to impeach a former Canadian Prime Minister. The Canadian Government smeared me, my late husband, and even my children - and many other people in the impeachment movement - and continues to do so. End of story. Rita Anne Hartmann EMail: ritaannehartmann@lycos.com (541) 729-7343

(541) 729-7343