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Anti-Racists targeted in New Jersey and Pittsburgh!

Press Release:
On Wednesday, September 11, 2002, anti-racist
activists in New Jersey and Pittsburgh had their homes
visited by neo-nazis from the National Alliance (NA)
and the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC).
For immediate release!

Anti-Racists targeted in New Jersey and Pittsburgh!

On Wednesday, September 11, 2002, anti-racist
activists in New Jersey and Pittsburgh had their homes
visited by neo-nazis from the National Alliance (NA)
and the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC).

In the New Jersey incident the targeted anti-racists
were inside the house for 5 minutes. When they
stepped out again they found an NA sticker on the door
and literature in their mailbox.

In Pittsburgh, three neo-nazis tried to intimidate an
anti-racist at his home with knives and a metal
baseball bat. However, when they were confronted by
three unarmed anti-racists they limited themselves to
trying to intimidate the anti-racists verbally. The
neo-Nazis involved included Hardy Lloyd, the World
Church of the Creator Western PA Coordinator of 317
Mckee Place, Apt 8., Pittsburgh, PA, Matthew R. Detar
of 116 Paradise Rd, Bellafonte, PA, and Issac Timothy
Skipworth of 1821 Parkline Drive Apt 30, Pittsburgh,

The police intervened and after a quick check for
warrants (but not weapons) the Nazis were sent on
their way.

The anti-racists were targeted after their full names,
home addresses, weight, and height was published on
Nazi Internet bulletin boards and
Web pages.

Neo-nazis gathered that information after they were
among 28 anti-racists arrested by Baltimore police on
August 24. According to media reports, earlier that
morning there had been a confrontation between the
neo-Nazis meeting at the Baltimore Travel Plaza and a
group of unknown anti-racists. The defendants do not
have any knowledge of this event, other than what was
reported in the media. We understand from those
reports that there was a fight and several neo-Nazis
were injured, and the bus they were traveling on was
damaged. However, none of the 28 people arrested were
involved. The unknown anti-fascists involved in the
attack must have been at the Travel Plaza much
earlier, and left well before the 28 arrived. Those
people who were arrested were arriving at the Travel
Plaza to participate in a peaceful demonstration,
which had had been publicly advertised. The
demonstration there was called to show the neo-Nazis
using that location as a meeting point that they were
not welcome in
Baltimore. The police decided to round up anyone in
the parking lot, and pin any crimes - real or imagined
- that the NA complained of on these innocent

For more information on the case of the Baltimore
anti-racists 28 please see:

To donate to the defense of the 28 mail donations of
support to:

Black Planet Books
1621 Fleet Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231-2931 USA

Phone: 410.537.5005 E-Mail:  antifalegal@hotmail.com.

Personal checks or money orders should be made out to
Black Planet Books. If sending cash, please conceal it
well. Please note in envelope that your donation is
for the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Legal
Defense Fund.

Or via paypal at:
 https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business= antifalegal@hotmail.com

In both cities anti-racists mobilized to defend the
homes of the targeted anti-racists just in case the
Nazis returned. In other cities defendants and allies
were notified in case it was the beginning of a
coordinated campaign against anti-racists and were on
alert and ready to defend themselves.

Anti-racists in New Jersey and Pittsburgh have set up
a phone-tree for self-defense against racist attacks
and are staffing 24hr security shifts at both houses.
Targeted anti-racists in other cities are doing the

If you'd like to help defend anti-racists in your
community against racist intimidation and attacks
please contact the Anti-Racist Action chapters and
anarchist collectives listed below.

ARA New Jersey

Baltimore ARA

Pittsburgh ARA

Claustrophobia Collective
P.O. Box 1721, Baltimore, MD 21203

Roundhouse Collective
c/o Black Planet Books
1621 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD
21231, USA
(410) 563-2008

Sabate Anarchist Collective
P.O. Box 230685
Boston, MA
02123, USA

ARA Toronto
P.O.Box 291 Stn.B, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 2T2
(416) 631-8835

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Apathetic Agnostics rule 17.Sep.2002 17:27


You have your work cut out for you.

When I was younger I explored

Met black people that wouldnt drink milk cause it was white.

Met white people that hated all races, even white.

Met indians that didn't like the indians where I grew up..

It was all too complex, keeping score, taking heads...

Hating everyone took no thinking but lots of energy..

Loving everyone is for suckers..

I am too fucking independent to be race specific..

Be free to hate someone because of the jerk they are.

Being social a group to feel part of is comforting..

I got lucky, found the right church for me.

the church of the apathetic agnostic, their motto is

We don't know, and we don't care....still take a head now a

and then.......

Changing an attitude like that, well it wouldn't work on me.

I am too fucking independent....

Good luck...watch yer head eeeeeeee

Apathetic Agnostics rule
Apathetic Agnostics rule