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A New Type of War

Them or us.
I ran this story this morning:
Thought you all would be interested:

Select Goal - Target Corporations

Groups from all over the World are taking the lead in a new stage of war.

This war is not about one Country taking on another Country. This war is not against only one Country, yet at times it may seem like it is. This war has little to do with diplomacy, democracy, but rather equality and fairness to life as a whole.

The message being sent, Change your ways or we will have to use hard core tactics to change them for you!

Radical groups from all over the world are popping up and are continuing to increase in large numbers. "The fight" - Stop Corporation Behavior and do it Now. This is no longer about groups such has Green Peace, Earth First and the Sea Shepherd, which according to most of these groups - "That approach is out dated and does little to nothing to solve the problem".

Person "A" states that this is "All out war and they are very serious, if you are up to no good and you're a company or government, we will be coming for you"

"Here in America, everyone in politics is on the take and bought for a price, that is not right and we are here to see that it gets changed".

" "Elf" and "Alf" started this movement and now it is up to us to finish it" replies Person "A"

While talking to person "B" - "It's about American companies coming into our Country and taking advantage of our people through pay offs with our government, we are nothing more then slaves and prisoners so Americans can enjoy their life of luxury".

"There is no end insight, unless we take action now to stop them at whatever the cost".

Forces begin to join to fight a common cause and stop corporate expansion and influence over the World and to fight slave labor and just plain bad behavior of corporate power through political influence.

In America "Elf" and "Alf" established themselves against cruelty to animals and deforestation and genetic engineering. While in other Countries the fight against oil companies, Shoe manufactures and toy production is leading cause for war, even McDonalds has fallen victim to being bombed.

Person "C" stated that "Has long has they continue to not listen, then we shall continue our ways at whatever the cost".

We are seeing more and more violence between groups, companies and governments. "Companies that refuse to listen, will be punished" replied person "C".

Groups like "FARE" "FARC" "FLB" "ELN" are a constant thorn in the side of local governments and companies alike.

Some goals of these groups are merely to stop Corporations from ruling, some on the other hand like "FARC", might have more to do with control of the illegal drug market.

"FLB" on the other hand - merely wants to take over their Countries government, which according to Person "B" is not a bad idea.

Person "A" brings into notice how many times the people in America have tried to get campaign contributions from companies to be stopped, because it shows a conflict of interest and all to no avail. "When will it stop? It won't, until we stop it!".

One person in the State of Washington has even gone so far to start an initiative making it only legal to give campaign contributions if you can vote.

The lines are clearly drawn. On one side of the issue you have the political leaders with the conflict of interest of monies received from corporate entities.

On the other side you have those opposed to those interests and are now willing to risk life so that others do not suffer the same fate.

"Someone will have to lose, and it won't be us, no matter how many of us go to prison or die in the line of duty".

What will happen if this tension continues towards this path of destruction? A new war, with many cells joined in forces to stop global corporatism and those governments that wish to protect them.

"Lives will be lost on both sides, but it will be necessary in order to see the changes that must take place. We do what we have to, if lives are to be lost then so be it".

My hope is that Nations will put aside political influences of corporations and side with the people before all out war take place.

Tensions continue to rise, making way for the most violent confrontation in history in which nobody can win.

I understand it does not have to happen that way, but do they?

Troy Prouty*